Water meters ordered for N. Granville

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A map of the North Granville water district

Granville supervisor Matt Hicks was happy to announce the Granville Town Board approved a bid for new water meters in the North Granville water district at its monthly meeting on July 8.

Granville supervisor Matt Hicks

Out of three bidders, F.W. Webb Company was selected by the town with an approved bid of $59,157.25.

According to Hicks, F.W. Webb will be responsible for the “purchase of the meters themselves, the scanning equipment and the software for the town computers to do all of the billing” in an area of the town that is in desperate need of repairs to outdated infrastructure.

A preliminary engineers report was presented to the board at its May meeting by Jason Preisner of Lamont Engineers, highlighting key issues and more than $2 million worth of immediate needs with a total of $4 million worth of projects to bring the district up to date.

The payment of the meters and equipment falls under the infrastructure category of the COVID-19 relief federal stimulus package, in which the town of Granville was awarded $407,700 and the village was awarded $249,000.

“The timing really couldn’t have been better,” Hicks said in a July 14 phone call. “We don’t think there’s going to be any supply-chain delays.”

Although there’s no official timetable on the receipt of the meters and equipment for the town highway department workers to place into the ground, Hicks said this project and several more related to North Granville water district issues will be targeted and completed by the end of the year.

The water restriction notice put into effect by Granville town supervisor Matt Hicks and relayed by the Washington County Department of Public Safety is still in effect.

“The existing meters are over 20 years old,” Hicks said. “There’s a battery unit in each one and (after 20 years of use) they start to fail. The newer meters are much more efficient and much more accurate.”

Hicks said in a June interview that the infrastructure in place is the remains of a 1941 WPA project as part of the New Deal.

The North Granville water district has been placed under a water restriction notice since June 1. The goal with this, Hicks said, is to “space out the usage throughout the day.”