Multiple charges filed in domestic case

Multiple charges filed in domestic case

A uniformed police officer on patrol in Whitehall responded to a possible domestic dispute in progress at 123 Broadway Ave. on July 6 at about 9 p.m. Akiem Keele, 31, was arrested on charges of disorderly conduct of fighting with violent behavior, disorderly conduct with unreasonable noise, obstructing governmental administration in the second degree, harassment in the second degree with physical contact, criminal mischief with intent to damage property, and two counts of endangering the welfare of a child under the age of 17.

Upon arrival, the officer observed Russell C Gosselin on the sidewalk who appeared to be irate. Samantha Eldred also appeared to be irate and was yelling that Keele had put his hands on her and Gosselin and Keele got into a fight.

The officer attempted to separate parties when Keele began to charge across the street swearing in the street and on the sidewalk, disturbing the residents in the apartment building near the conflict.

The residents asked if Keele and Gosselin could take the matter elsewhere and not in front of their apartment. Keele made an obscene remark to the officer several times and was actively trying to fight Gosselin, causing the officer to physically attempt to separate the two parties.

The officer told Keele to go back across the street so they could talk to him. Keele then told the officer, with obscenities, to shut up and used another obscene remark. The officer called for a second and third unit.

Keele said that he would burn Eldred and Gosselin’s house down and continue to attempt to fight and threaten to fight Gosselin, police said, and all parties seemed to be intoxicated. Keele stated that Eldred called him a derogatory name in regard to his race which Eldred stated she did as well. Keele stated the conflict occurred over that.

Eldred stated that she overheard a verbal domestic dispute between Ashley Destell-Stinson and was attempting to see if everything was okay when a verbal conflict occurred between her and Keele. Eldred reported that Keele grabbed her and shoved her when Gosselin got physical with Keele. Eldred stated that this took place in front of her children as well.

Destell-Stinson advised that she wanted Keele out and then left the scene. Keele was highly uncooperative with police and when confronted by New York State Police about his pocket knife, which he didn’t want to give it up initially but finally did. Keele was taken into custody after he got into the state trooper’s face. A Whitehall officer advised Keele he was being arrested for disorderly conduct.

The officer then advised State Police that a deposition was needed from Eldred. Gosselin was intoxicated and unable to provide one. While Keele was secured in the back of a marked Whitehall patrol vehicle, he began hitting the glass with his handcuffs. After several attempts to get him to stop he refused and kept doing it. Keele was also kicking the window and door of the patrol car. The officer asked State Police for leg restraints which they provided and applied to Keele, who was transported to the Whitehall Police Station.

While being processed, police said, Keele became irate and began spitting and then kicked the fingerprint table, causing the board to break. Keele made several threats to continue damage to the police station.

Keele was taken to Washington County Jail to await his arraignment. An officer spoke with Sergeant Pedone who advised them to transport Keele back to the station and release him on an appearance ticket.

The officer explained to Keele that any further contact with the parties involved in the incident could result in a felony of tampering with a witness charge. Keele was advised and acknowledged the information.

Keele was released on an appearance ticket returnable to the Village of Whitehall Court on Monday, July 12 at 4:30 p.m.