Cub Scouts plan auction to raise funds

Cub Scouts plan auction to raise funds

Hampton’s Shelley Duell introduced a new Cub Scout pack to Whitehall in May and the pack is planning an auction for July 31. Patty Guilder, whose granddaughter is enrolled with the pack, thought of the event.

“My granddaughter who we have custody of is a cub scout,” Guilder said. “We just signed her up and I just learned that the kids didn’t have the money. Like, there’s not a lot of money in the pack because they are just starting out so I came up with the idea of having an auction because that will raise money for them. So, I ran it by Shelley and she said that it was a great idea.”

“Well, we are asking for donations so right now, we’re going to have handmade items and donations that people have been giving us from baskets that they make,” she said.

The donations have slowly started to make their way to the pack for the auction, but they would love to see more. Donations can also come from local businesses within the Whitehall area. The pack has already received some certificates.

“We don’t have everything right this minute, but we have certificates from some of the local businesses and things like that,” Guilder said.

The pack will also be receiving some help from an auction service located in Granville.

“Frans Auction Services is setting up the auction for them to make money,” she said.

Guilder first heard about the pack when she was at tee ball with her granddaughter.

“When we were at tee ball, Shelley was handing out the flyers and I went home and told my husband and said that I believe we should get Lyla into it because she’s more like a tomboy and less like a girly girl. She loves the outdoors; she loves to adventure. I was very happy because I know they do adventurous stuff like camping and fishing,” she said.

When asked what the meetings are like, Guilder said they are very informational.

“The kids get to learn a lot of different things that you don’t learn on an everyday basis,” she said. “There are different packs, like my granddaughter is in the Lions pack.”

Guilder’s granddaughter, Lyla, has been involved with the pack and, Guilder said, she absolutely loves it. Rather than having Lyla cooped up in the house all summer, Guilder saw an opportunity to instill some life skills.

“That is the main reason why I did this! Because any child, a child at five years old is going to get use to the electronics and using the phone and all that stuff. So, instead of her being at the phone or on the phone watching YouTube and all that stuff all the time I want her outside.”

The auction will be held on July 31 at 11 a.m. upstairs at the Elks Lodge. If you have something to donate, you can reach out to Shelley Duell at 518-466-2913.