BB gun incident leads to arrest

BB gun incident leads to arrest

On June 22 at 11:40 a.m. a responding officer received a call from Scott Westerman Jr. of Broadway Avenue that his son, Scott Westerman, noticed his car had been shot at the old McDonalds, which is now the local butcher shop parking lot. The responding officer advised that they would meet there.

Upon arrival, the responding officer observed what appeared to be a BB gun shot on the trunk door of the Westerman vehicle, a 2001 gold Chevy Tahoe. Westerman said he was approached by an old white four-door Toyota and was confronted about turning around at the Whitehall Studio Apartments.

Westerman then stated that he spoke with the occupants for about 30 seconds when a black midsized Dodge pulled up in between Mattison’s Sport Shop which is located between the Butcher Shop parking lot and the Whitehall Studio Apartments.

The driver of the black Dodge displayed a rifle and he asked the driver whom he could not identify by name if he was going to shoot him. Westerman stated that he attempted to drive off to avoid being shot when his vehicle was struck in the rear by an unknown bullet.

When he went back to the area to meet with police, he observed a man in the rear set of apartments at the Whitehall Studio Apartments displaying a crossbow. Chief Bassett called the New York State Police for assistance.

After taking a statement from Westerman Jr. and Westerman, the responding officer met with Chief Bassett and Investigator Hunt at Mattison’s Sport Shop, where Investigator Hunt was seeking surveillance footage.

Due to the power being out from a previous storm, the owners stated that the footage was unable to capture the event. The responding officer was advised by Westerman Jr. that he had a visual on the black vehicle which was parked in front of the Whitehall Studio Apartments.

The responding officer spoke with Chief Bassett and the owner who identified himself as Sean Steinborn while NYSP and Investigator Hunt spoke with the individuals in the back at the descripted apartment in the rear. NYSP determined no charges on their end. Chief Bassett advised Steinborn to meet at Whitehall Police Department headquarters to issue a statement.

Steinborn arrived at the station where he was Mirandized at 1:13 p.m. and chose to waive his rights and give a statement. Steinborn was processed at Whitehall Police Department and issued an appearance ticket for charges of menacing in the second degree with a weapon and criminal mischief intent to damage property, returnable to the Whitehall Village Court on June 28 at 4:30 p.m. The weapon, a BB gun rifle, was secured into evidence and logged accordingly.