Cub Scouts pack coming to Whitehall

Cub Scouts pack coming to Whitehall

In the coming months, a new pack of Cub Scouts will be emerging in the Whitehall community.

The organization is in the works of reestablishing a pack in Whitehall and they are in the process of training for the positions.

Shelley Duell of Hampton, who has taken on the position of committee chair, said she is excited to share the news.

“We’re starting the pack back up,” she said. “They haven’t had a pack in a couple years because they had a lack of leaders and I’m going to start it back up.”

The committee chair position makes sure every event has a leader present as well as scheduling pack meetings once a month and more.

As for the age groups, Cub Scouts is kindergarten through fifth grade while Boy Scouts is ages 11 through 18. According to Duell, there are already 15 kids interested in the program as well as seven adults looking to take positions of leadership with the organization.

“In about two weeks I want to do a parent-leader meeting to get everybody on the same page, so they know what I need to do to get registered with the council and the ball rolling to be official,” she said.

Duell said she is interested in starting the pack in Whitehall because it would be closer to home. Her children are currently enrolled in a pack in Wilton, just outside Saratoga Springs.

“I’m the Scout Master of the girls troop in Wilton, my son is in the boys troop in Wilton. And then my youngest boy is in the Cub Scout pack in Wilton because I figured I’m going to Wilton anyway; he’ll move up with the pack and go join the troop like his brother did. But the drive is killing me. My daughter will also be in the pack,” she said.

With a Cub Scouts organization returning to Whitehall, Duell said she wants it to be known that this will be a Family Pack in Whitehall. A family pack will give girls a chance to also join the organization and give back to the community.

Duell also reached out to Mike Rocque of Legion Post 83 in Whitehall and will be receiving sponsorship from them. She added that she has started to plan some events for this summer to get the troop outside and involved in the community.

“Look out for the Legion sponsoring a chicken barbecue to help support the pack’s kick-off… he’s going to do a chicken barbecue as a fundraiser for the cubs,” she said.

Other events that are in the works is their Fun Fishing Derby which is scheduled for June 19 from 7 a.m. to 12 p.m. at Sly Pond in Fort Ann. The event will be open to the public as well as the scouts. The event will also have cash prizes for the longest fish caught in various categories such as yellow perch, bluegill or sunfish, black bass and rock bass. 

Duell mentioned that if parents are interested in their child becoming a Cub Scout, they can contact her at 518-466-2913 to get more information on enrollment.

“Last year I researched all the packs in the area and decided we were going to go to Wilton because they’re more active and that’s what I wanted up here,” she said.