Police Beat, April 15, 2021

Editor’s note: An arrest or a charge is not a conviction. All persons listed are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Charges can be amended or dismissed.

Granville Police Department

April 3

6:20 a.m. Police responded to a 911 call from an 85-year-old female resident at Holbrook Adult Home at 73 North St. The woman requested police, fire and EMS assistance. Upon arrival, the responding officer spoke with an aide who said there was no issue. The officer then spoke with the 85-year-old woman who called and she said she was woken up by and startled by a resident feline on her bed. Per the woman’s request, the room was observed without any abnormal findings.

11:56 a.m. Taylor A. Jones, 21, of Hubbardton, Vermont, was ticketed for aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle in the third degree, a misdemeanor, operation of an unregistered motor vehicle on a highway and for having a registration plate display violation when he was stopped on Church Street for not having a rear license plate. Following the traffic stop, the officer learned the vehicle was not registered, the expired temporary Vermont registration belonged to a Ford Ranger, not the vehicle Jones was driving, and Jones had a suspended Vermont driver’s license.

11:59 a.m. Meagan E. Simpson, 29, of Granville was ticketed for operating an unregistered motor vehicle on a highway when she was stopped on Church Street by a patrolling officer. The officer pulled Simpson over because she did not have registration displayed, and he observed Simpson driving with an expired inspection. Upon the vehicle stop, Simpson could not produce valid registration. There was no visible registration sticker on the plate. The only document Simpson provided was a 2019 temporary registration from the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles.

4:45 p.m. Police were dispatched to Mettowee Street for a harassment complaint made by a 24-year-old man and his wife about the next-door-neighbor’s kids coming onto their front porch and harassing their dog, causing the dog to bark and wake up their young child. The man said someone in the neighbor’s house will stare out the window into his house and then look away when he looks at them. The 24-year-old man said he has attempted to speak to the neighbors as this is an ongoing issue, but the 54-year-old man and 46-year-old woman become aggressive and yell at him. The officer spoke to the 54-year-old man and the 46-year-old woman who then became highly defensive, denying that this trespassing issue even happened. The 54-year-old man and 46-year-old woman advised the officer they would speak with their children about this when they got home, and that they have had issues with the children staring out the windows looking into homes. Both parties were advised the incident would be documented. Shortly after clearing the scene, the officer was notified by dispatch that there was a verbal argument between the 24-year-old man and his two neighbors. The 24-year-old spoke with the officer again, this time by phone, saying the 54-year-old man and 46-year-old woman had come outside and started yelling and name-calling him for calling the police. The officer advised the 24-year-old man that this incident would be documented as well.

April 4

1:55 a.m. John Vaughn Decota, 27, of Argyle was arrested for aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle in the second degree with a mandatory suspension, a misdemeanor, the use of a leased/rented/loaned vehicle without a required interlock device, a misdemeanor, driving with no or insufficient tail lamps and the operation of a motor vehicle by an unlicensed driver when he was stopped on Quaker Street. Two officers were patrolling when they noticed Decota operating a motor vehicle with a broken right rear tail light. Decota admitted to not having a license and that he was suspended after being stopped. A records check revealed Decota was suspended and required to have an interlock device to operate a motor vehicle. Decota was taken into custody and transported back to the police station for processing and was released. Warner’s Auto Body towed the vehicle from the scene.

April 5

8 p.m. Police were dispatched to a North Maple Street residence for a dog complaint, where a 31-year-old woman said her 27-year-old neighbor’s dog jumped the fence that split their backyards and bit her dog. The 31-year-old woman asked the officer to speak with the 27-year-old woman so this doesn’t happen again. After contacting the 27-year-old woman, the officer was told that the 31-year-old woman’s dog had scratched the 27-year-old woman’s dog. Both women were advised to try to contain the dogs in their respective areas and to contact the Animal Control Officer with additional complaints.

April 6

9:39 p.m. While on patrol on North Street, an officer was approached by a 54-year-old woman saying she had a verbal argument with her 22-year-old son. The woman said her son was spinning the tires on her truck and she questioned him, leading to him flipping out and starting to hit the window of her truck. The officer drove to the residence to find the 22-year-old man visibly upset. The man said it started when he confronted his mother about some of the people she had been hanging out with. The mother returned to the residence while the son retrieved his belongings. No charges were pressed and no statement was made by the mother. The man was advised by the officer to contact the police department before going back to retrieve additional belongings as a measure to prevent future conflict.

April 8

11:45 a.m. Police received a call on the station line from Granville High School stating someone found a hypodermic needle near the sidewalk close to the football field. An officer arrived at the scene, recovered the needle and placed it in the sharps container in the evidence room.

Whitehall Police Department

April 4

1 a.m. A 37-year-old woman reported to Whitehall police that she found a cash register in front of her house on Queen Street. An officer responded and observed the register without the drawer on the side of the road. It was not determined where it came from. The register was secured by the officer and placed in temporary evidence.

3:30 a.m. A Whitehall police sergeant was called by a responding officer to assist with a highly combative subject resisting arrest on Quaker Street in the village of Granville. The reporting officer arrived and assisted until units were secure.

6 p.m. A 51-year-old man reported a minibike going up and down Lafayette Street. An officer patrolled to the area and observed nothing. The man contacted police again to state after making a pass down Lafayette Street, the minibike was heard again. The responding officer parked at School and Lafayette Streets and waited for the minibike with negative results.

8:27 p.m. An officer was contacted at the station by a 24-year-old man who reported a man and woman arguing next to his house at the Armory. The officer was unable to locate them initially. The officer observed a girl sitting at her house next to the 24-year-old man’s home, who stated she did not hear anyone yelling. The officer then observed a hooded man walking down South Williams Street which matched the description given by the caller and contacted the man on Poultney Street and identified him as a 19-year-old who stated there was no argument and he was just walking around in the area. The officer then patrolled back to the girl’s residence, as it is known to the Whitehall police that the two are associates and asked her what was going on with the 19-year-old man. She stated that he was getting mad at her over nothing, and she was not sure why he was so mad. The girl did not provide further information. The responding officer spoke with her 35-year-old legal guardian who stated she was unaware but would not like the 19-year-old man associating with her daughter. Both parties have denied in the past any form of a relationship outside being friends therefore a domestic incident report was not completed. The legal guardian was advised that if she sees the man on the property to call police. She stated that he is also sending packages to the residence and would like him to stop as she feels he is beginning to show signs of stalking behavior towards her daughter. The reporting officer will contact the man and advise him to cut all forms of communication with the family.

April 5

3:32 p.m. An officer took a report of an alarm at Skene Manor at 8 Potter Terrace. Upon arrival, officers met with a key holder and observed an open door. At this time a second unit was called for and a trooper arrived on scene. The building was cleared it appeared no one was any longer inside. Upon reviewing footage, it can be seen at 3:32, three young boys appearing to be between the ages of 12-14 were in the building. The youths did not appear to have taken or damaged anything so no police action will be taken at the time. The area was checked for youths, but they were not located.

April 6

8:39 a.m. An officer patrolled to Mountain Street to locate an open burn and found the burn at 17 Mountain St. They interviewed a 21-year-old man at the scene and advised the man that he needed to extinguish the fire, explaining that the state is under a burn ban until May 15. The man stated that he was unaware of the burn ban and the officer advised him that this is his first and only verbal warning for the burn. The man stated that he will not burn again until the burn ban is lifted.

April 8

4:38 a.m. A verbal domestic dispute ensued on Main Street where a 38-year-old woman reported getting into an argument with a 48-year-old man and wanted him to leave her apartment. The man stated he had been staying with her for six days but has a residence in Queensbury with no way to get there. The woman was highly uncooperative with the responding officer during the course of the investigation and refused to isolate herself while he interviewed the man despite being told to do so by the officer, which caused both parties to continue arguing while investigation was being conducted. The woman stated she would drop off the man later in the morning.

11:30 a.m. An officer was dispatched to Doig Street for a refuse fire in the back yard. When they arrived with firemen there was a piece of fence along with other wood burning along with the fire spreading on the ground. Firemen put out the fire. The officer interviewed two individuals who stated they were inside the house and called when they smelled the smoke and saw the fire.

1:30 p.m. An officer was dispatched to Stewart’s parking lot for a lockout assist of a 56-year-old woman with a child inside the vehicle. Smith Street Auto was contacted, and the door was unlocked. The child was and is in good health.

New York State Police

March 22

11:30 p.m. Damien M. Beayon, 35, of Whitehall was arrested in Granville for DWI, first offense, a class U misdemeanor. He was issued an appearance ticket.

April 6

11:18 p.m. Justin A. Keenen, 36, of Greenwich was stopped in Easton for a motor vehicle violation, specifically a suspended registration, a class U misdemeanor, and was issued an appearance ticket.

April 9

12:30 a.m. Chyenne M. Giddings, 19, of Brandon, Vermont, was arrested in Wilton on one count of criminal possession of a controlled substance in the seventh degree, a class A misdemeanor. At the same stop, Nicholas C. Henning, 41, of Rutland, Vermont, was arrested on two counts of criminal possession of a controlled substance in the seventh degree, a class A misdemeanor, and one count of criminal possession of a controlled substance in the seventh degree, specifically cocaine, a class D felony. In addition, Christopher T. Lloyd, 33, of Brandon was arrested on two counts of criminal possession of a controlled substance in the seventh degree, a class A misdemeanor. All were issued appearance tickets.

3:17 p.m. Thomas Barker, 20, of Salem was arrested for an incident of sexual misconduct, a class A misdemeanor, that was reported on April 8 at 6:25 p.m. He was released on his own recognizance.

6:08 p.m. Savana J. Mattison, 29, of Fort Edward was arrested in Queensbury on a charge of criminal contempt in the second degree, specifically disobeying a court order of protection, a class A misdemeanor. She was released on her own recognizance.

April 10

12:36 p.m. Genesis D. Millan, 22, of Hudson Falls was arrested in Halfmoon for petit larceny, a class A misdemeanor, She was issued an appearance ticket.

Vermont State Police

April 5

4:23 a.m. Vermont State Police responded to a report of a vehicle break-in at the parking lot of the Hampton Inn in Rutland Town. Upon arrival, troopers observed a broken rear window on the truck and were advised by the victim, Henry Allen, 42, of Rutland, of two missing packs of cigarettes. Through investigation and assistance from security cameras in the area, Troopers were able to identify the suspect as Tyler Bushey, 27, of Castleton. Bushey was located a short time later and issued a citation to appear in court at a later date for the violation of unlawful mischief and larceny from a motor vehicle.