Paving – a ‘major deal’ – begins soon

Paving – a ‘major deal’ – begins soon
A road sign on Quaker Street near Walgreens warning drivers of road work.

By Austin Crosier

Several  important announcements were made at the Granville Town Board meeting on April 8 by town supervisor Matt Hicks.

Another picture of the road sign on Quaker Street.

One announced the reopening of Town Hall to the public on April 19.

Town clerk Jenny Martelle said that individuals may come in during regular business hours while wearing masks and practicing social distancing. With not a lot of room to work with in the office, Martelle said only one or two people will more than likely be able to be inside the office at a time.

Hicks informed the public and the board of a massive paving project that will be occurring in coming days. Road repairs will take place from the junction of State Route 149 and State Route 22 and along State Route 149 throughout the Village of Granville heading to Vermont.

“Major paving job from Furlo’s to the Vermont state line,” Hicks said. “It will be a major deal.”

With traffic cones and large road signs already posted throughout the Village, the construction work is scheduled for mid-April and to be completed in mid-May.

One issue that may occur because of the paving is the possible postponement of the anticipated reconstruction of the Church Street bridge.

A pre-construction meeting has been scheduled for May 3, so the town and Washington County will have a better idea of how close the paving job’s progress is to being completed.

Hicks made it clear to the board that the Church Street bridge needs to remain open to the public until the paving is finished to avoid a massive increase in traffic and confusion amongst drivers.

Town highway superintendent Scott Taylor made his intentions clear to have an ideal date of April 14 to flush out fire hydrants, an annual process.

“There may be some discoloration in the water,” Taylor said. “We can move that water around that loop around State Route 22.”

Town constable Ray Boyea has had his hands full in recent months keeping vehicles, specifically four-wheelers and ATVs, from traveling across the Lower Turnpike bridge. Instead, travelers, such as the hundreds of people who will participate in the “Mettowee Mudboggers” events at the Mettowee Off Road Extreme Park at 607 County Route 12 in Whitehall, are being advised to travel across the Truthville bridge.

The next “Mudboggers” event is scheduled for April 17 and 18 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Boyea has also asked the board to provide him with a radio that would allow him to communicate with Washington County dispatch in the case of an emergency, as cell service is not stable in the area. The board has taken this into consideration and awaits prices from Boyea.