Whitehall man, 25, arrested for DWI

Whitehall man, 25, arrested for DWI

A police officer on shift Friday, March 27, at about 1:56 a.m. observed a yellow Ford Focus traveling southbound on Broadway Avenue at a rate of speed estimated to be about 43 mph.

Radar showed a rate of speed of 40 mph in a posted 30 mph zone.

The officer turned around and activated the emergency lights to initiate a traffic stop.

The pursued vehicle proceeded south on Broadway Avenue and then stopped at a red light at Broadway Avenue and Poultney Street. When the light turned green, the vehicle proceeded south before turning into the parking lot of Dollar General and CVS to stop.

The officer contacted the driver who was identified as 25-year-old, Dylon Rozell. The officer said he detected the odor of alcohol coming from the vehicle.

The officer also observed an open glass bottle of alcoholic beverage tucked in between the passenger seat and the center console. Asked where he was coming from, Rozell said he was coming from Whitehall Marina Pub and was heading home to his address of First Avenue. The officer asked how many drinks he had while at the Marina and Rozell said he had two drinks.

When asked about the open container of alcoholic beverage and whether it was empty, Rozell replied, “I sure hope so.”

The officer performed three different tests and Rozell showed signs of intoxication for all of them. 

When instructed to do a walk and turn, Rozell began too soon, was unable to maintain balance, stepped off the line, walked the wrong number of steps, did not count out loud like instructed and improperly turned, the officer said.

A test was administered with a positive result of 0.21%.

Rozell was taken into custody and transported to the Whitehall Police Department headquarters for processing.

A subsequent test at the station showed a result of 0.20% Blood Alcohol Content.

Rozell was charged with failure to obey traffic device, drinking alcohol in motor vehicle on highway, drinking while intoxicated- first offense, operating a motor vehicle with more than 0.8% and aggravated DWI.