Order of protection sparks dispute

Order of protection sparks dispute

The Whitehall Police Department received multiple requests for a call back on April 1 at 7:42 p.m. from 52-year-old Clifford Grover and a 33-year-old woman regarding an order of protection.

Grover contacted police advising that the 33-year-old woman and possibly her partner, 37-year-old Daniel Hahn, violated a stay-away order of protection with his children being the protected party. The responding officer advised that he would confirm the order of protection was in place still, which it was.

The responding officer returned the woman’s call, but Hahn picked up stating she was arrested in Rensselear County for violating an order of protection. He then stated that 18-year-old Sandra Grover and his unborn child are with the Grovers’ family in Berlin, but Sandra Grover’s order of protection should not still be in effect after her court appearance. The responding officer advised to contact the local court or the District Attorney’s office if she has questions regarding such. 

The 33-year-old woman called the station asking for advice on how to bring Grover back to their residence. The responding officer advised them that she is 18 and can go where she pleases, but they are concerned about her welfare and the unborn child’s welfare.

The officer advised that they could request the local police department that covers Berlin to conduct a welfare check and instruct them to pull Sandra aside for the check, that way she is not influenced by any third party.

The officer also advised that they could contact Child Protective Services as she is bearing a child and that Hahn can contact family court to petition for a custodial agreement. Further, the officer advised that he cannot give any further legal advice or offer any opinion on the matter as they were seeking both from the responding officer.

Both Hahn and the 33-year-old woman asked if there was anything the responding officer could do to help them get the 18-year-old Grover back home with them. The officer advised that it is not a Whitehall Police case and stated again that she is 18 and can do what she feels is best for her.