Logan Beebe wins ‘Good Apple Award’

Logan Beebe wins ‘Good Apple Award’
Photo by David Garvoille. Hicks Orchard Business Development Manager David Garvoille, Good Apple Award recipient senior Logan Beebe and Granville Junior/Senior High School principal Lisa Meade.

Being recognized for his outstanding academic and athletic accomplishments, as well as his dedication to the community, Granville High School senior Logan Beebe was selected as Hicks Orchard’s “Good Apple Award” recipient for the month of March.

Beebe finds it humbling and a great example to set for future male recipients by being the first boy chosen for the award, and third overall since the award’s inception in January.

“It’s an honor to be the first male selected for the Good Apple Award,” Beebe said via text message. “I hope it encourages more males in our school to strive to be natural leaders and a good person overall because at the end of the day, you only have four years in high school. Why not be the person anyone can come to?”

Beebe was selected by numerous faculty and staff members in the high school, with principal Lisa Meade thrilled to hear Beebe’s post-high school and post-college graduation plans.

“Logan is an amazing senior headed to college to become a state trooper,” Meade said via email.

The anonymous nominations from faculty and staff members praised Beebe’s leadership in all three areas of qualification for the award and his ability to be a great role model for those around him and looking up to him.

“Absolutely phenomenal student, leader and overall outstanding character,” one staff member said about Beebe. “Logan has done his best to help his friends stay on track this year academically but watching him push and support not only his peers, but now underclassmen both academically and emotionally since the beginning of the sports seasons has been remarkable. Logan’s leadership and contribution to our school community are beyond deserving of this honor.”

“In addition to being articulate and well spoken, (Beebe) is also responsible, respectful, and possesses a strong work ethic,” another staff member said.

As a three-sport athlete, Beebe shined on the wrestling mat, is a captain on the football team and was a league champion for the baseball team.

“Also, I have been a part of Boy Scout Troop 44 (Granville) which has helped with projects around the community through my time,” Beebe said.

Beebe received a wooden plaque and a coupon for a free dozen of cider donuts and a half-gallon of apple cider from Hicks Orchard’s business development manager David Garvoille. Also in attendance supporting Beebe was Meade and faculty members.

Although he’s unsure of where he wants to obtain a college degree, Beebe has his sights set on his future and where he envisions himself.

“I plan on attending college, which I am undecided on and pursuing a college degree in criminal justice,” Beebe said. “The ultimate goal is to become a State Trooper after college.”