Telescope holds job fair

Telescope holds job fair
The flier for the job fair at Telescope Casual Furniture Inc.

Providing a great opportunity for individuals who may be down on their luck or looking for a fresh start with a new occupation, Telescope Casual Furniture Inc. held a spring job fair on March 30.

While following social-distancing and COVID-19 protocols and being held in the parking lot under the famous water tower at 82 Church Street, administration for Telescope conducted interviews and on-the-spot hiring for more than 40 full-time and part-time job openings.

“We are having a job fair where we intend to hire at least 40 workers,” Telescope’s marketing manager, Kait Warren, said to NYVT Media publisher Mark Vinciguerra on the Granville Sentinel’s Facebook livestream of the event.

“None of the workers need to have prior experience, with the exception of two jobs that we’re looking for, which are a security person and a mechanic,” Warren said. “Otherwise, all of the jobs, we’re providing all the training required, so you can come in the door with no production experience at all, and as long as you have a will to work, we can make it work out.”

From 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., applicants waited in line and then sat in spaced-out chairs filling out applications until their name was called for an interview under a large, white party tent. Following the interview and a final screening, the individual would be informed if they were hired or not.

Telescope CEO Kathy Juckett took a few moments out of her day to speak with NYVT Media inside the showroom at the factory about the job fair and operating her company during the middle of a global pandemic.

Telescope Casual Furniture Inc. CEO Kathy Juckett

“I’ve never seen anything like this in the 42 years I’ve been here, I’ve never been part of a crisis, and we’ve had plenty of crises in my 42-year-career, but I’ve never seen one where we ended up having a silver lining and a benefit to it like we’re having now with the influx of business,” Juckett said.

“We have some great jobs, lots of opportunities for flexibility and we’re looking forward to continuing building our business and building our presence in Granville and building our workforce with some more great people,” she said.

Telescope held a job fair last November which hosted 150 applicants with more than 60 individuals being hired.

“We’re doing a whole bunch of different things in our interview process so that we can work through some of the things we might otherwise do if a person leaves, so, you will know when you leave today if you will be hired,” Juckett said.

Some of the biggest draws employees at Telescope are fond of are the flexibility and understanding management provides in scheduling and personal commitments.

Lyndsey Smith is a two-year employee in the customer service department at Telescope who was actually hired at a previous job fair. Smith called her experience thus far “amazing.”

“I’ve been a part of the community my whole life and I’ve only been here for two years, but in that short amount of time I’ve learned a lot!” Smith said. “I can definitely tell that it’s a very warm and inviting atmosphere.”

Smith’s advice to prospective applicants is to take the jump and find their strongpoints through gaining experience every day.

“I would say ‘just do it!’,” Smith said. “I know it can be probably a little bit intimidating being a factory worker and not really knowing what you’re walking into, but on all of those fliers you see, they really mean it when they say no experience needed. They really teach you everything that they need to. Everyone is really helpful, all you have to do is ask.”

Chris Lavin has more than 20 years under his belt at Telescope and currently oversees new product development and design implementation. One of his favorite parts about Telescope is the American-made products and sourcing of materials.

“The nice thing I like to bring up for anybody looking for an opportunity for employment is that this is made in the USA,” Lavin said. “We do ship overseas, but it’s been a big driving thing for me as an individual for how I feel about my employer, and they really are a driving factor to American made, and they’ve stayed the road.”

Over the course of his career, Lavin said he had the opportunity to work in various departments at Telescope because of his willingness to learn, something he hopes applicants at the job fair will possess.

“All you have to do is to have incentive to drive yourself, and to pay attention and know that you’re working for an American company, and to have that drive to work and willingness to learn,” Lavin said. “There’s many managers here that will notice you and you’ll move up the ranks here. There’s so many things to do and learn here, we’re so diversified.”

For more information on potential opportunities that may still be available, contact Telescope at 518-642-1100.