The Funologist

Author Sandra Dee Owens

Every month in “The Funologist,” author Sandra Dee Owens shares true tales of adventure, made-up but real sports, problem-solving, mindfulness, self-improvement, pain, difficulty, quitting a thousand times – and un-quitting a thousand and one.

“The Funologist” is a first-person narrative of a wellness + lifestyle methodology she calls “Funology.”

An introduction (March 12, 2021)

One hour and one minute (April 2, 2021)

The wall (June 4, 2021)

Days and weeks (July 2, 2021)

Snow Swimming: Flipping the switch from boring to woohoo (Aug. 13, 2021)

How embracing the word slower led to Snow Swimming (Sept. 3, 2021)

Snow Swimming part 3: Shifting my relationship with fear (Oct. 1, 2021)

Snow Swimming part 4: Meeting my wild voice (Nov. 5, 2021)