The Funologist – An introduction

By Sandra Dee Owens

Sandra Dee Owens

Before we begin, let me introduce my new column. My name is Sandra Dee Owens and I am a custom engagement and wedding ring designer in the lower Champlain Valley of Benson, Vermont. Though interested in writing since the second grade, life took other directions until 10 years ago, when I finally set out to write . . . that book.

But I never did

I tried and tried but it always felt too big, overwhelming and, frankly, boring.

Then, in the spring of 2020, I got the idea to write a column. From prior experience, I recognized the idea was coming from my subconscious, well-meaning “wild voice,” and that I was being shown the perfect pathway to write the book – one column at a time.

So “The Funologist” column will be a first-person narrative of a wellness + lifestyle methodology I call “Funology.

I invite you to join me each month as I share true tales of adventure, made-up but real sports, problem-solving, mindfulness, self-improvement, pain, difficulty, quitting a thousand times – and un-quitting a thousand and one.


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