Two vehicles collide near Telescope

Two vehicles collide near Telescope

A car accident Monday on Church Street left two vehicles with significant damage and one individual, an 81-year-old Hoosick Falls man, transferred to Glens Falls Hospital.

“Both cars have severe damage to them,” said Granville Engine and Hose Company #1 Chief Ryan Pedone via phone.

Pedone added the driver of the grey minivan, Dustin Burch, 25, of Cambridge said they had lost control of their vehicle in the hazardous conditions, despite claiming they were going 5 MPH when leaving the area of the Telescope Casual Furniture Inc. parking lot. Upon impact with the red SUV, the grey minivan slid 40 feet and was in the middle of the road and required a tow truck to remove it from the roadway.

“The road was actually shut down on Church Street for a short period of time,” Pedone said.

The 81-year-old passenger in the red SUV, Thomas Fish, was taken by Granville Rescue Squad to the hospital after complaining of general pain.

Granville Police Officer Jeff Daigle said he followed up with Fish on Wednesday to make sure he was okay. Fish told Daigle he had some bumps and bruises, but nothing serious.

“Just sore, he said,” Daigle said.

There were no other physical injuries reported for Burch or the driver of the red SUV, James Ross, 74, of Hudson Falls.

Deputy chief Mike Zinn is an employee at Telescope, so he was able to assist and assess the situation quickly when the accident occurred at around 3:05 p.m. The fire department and rescue squad arrived shortly after.

When asked to provide a message to Granville residents on safety when driving during the wintertime, Pedone mentioned the fast-paced lifestyle most people tend to live in today’s society when matched with slick roads can cause a disastrous situation. “Nowadays, everyone seems to be in a rush,” Pedone said. “That’s a huge thing, just slow down.”