Assessment hike to affect Granville taxes

Assessment hike to affect Granville taxes
Granville supervisor Matt Hicks

At a Granville Town Board meeting held over Zoom on Thursday, supervisor Matt Hicks read an informative letter to the board from town assessor Vicky Hayner.

The letter said residential taxpayers in the village and town of Granville should be expecting an impact notice statement from Hayner on how their taxes may increase based on Washington County’s newest expected assessment to determine a new tax rate.

“What she (Hayner) explained to me was, over 2020 in the last year, there’s been about a 14% increase in the value of residential properties, not commercial properties,” Hicks said. “We need to make that adjustment to get us back up to 100%.

“We all know that if assessments go up 14%, that means our tax rate would come down 14% assuming the levy stays flat,” Hicks said. “Even though your assessment went up, the rate comes down, the taxes will stay the same. Some people will see a 15% increase in their taxes, some people will see a 10%, some will see an 18%.

“What this letter that she’s going to send out, it will actually show the calculations and say, ‘based upon the fact that your assessment went up 14%, your taxes will be going up $6, or $19, or $83’ or whatever it’s going to be.”

In a phone call on Friday, Hicks said the 2020 overall town tax rate is $4.23 per thousand. The 2021 tax rate approved by Washington County will come on March 1.

Hayner’s letter went on to explain why impact notices will be sent out, as well as explain that the 14% could increase or decrease, as it is a generalized number.

“My plan is to adjust the value to our 200-class properties, which are residential properties in both the village and the town, by 14%. I would like to send out impact notices which will help property owners understand the real potential of consequences of a new assessment,” Hayner said in the letter read aloud by Hicks.

“An impact statement shows a real change in the assessment and what we would change would have meant to your taxes using the tax rates that we currently know. It is a more transparent view of what the change in assessment really means.”