Streaming rises in virus’s wake

Streaming rises in virus’s wake

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted people in myriad ways. You can’t speak to someone without it coming up in conversation.

How long have you been working from home? How have you been able to juggle work and make sure your child logs on for their remote learning? What have you been doing to pass the time in quarantine?

All of these questions have become common in our vocabulary. The answer to the third question, however, is one that can differ from person to person.

Jon Spoor has taken the time to invest in gaming.

“This pandemic obviously, it put me in a situation where I’m kinda forced to do this in a sense to where like one, it’s giving me purpose of doing stuff while I can’t do normal things that I would do in a normal atmosphere,” he said.

Spoor is considering what he is doing right now, streaming video games on platforms such as Facebook and YouTube, a “soft launch” for what he wants to end up doing. He hopes to one day be a digital content hub in his own right.

He grew up playing video games with his brother, and his father was into video games since Spoor was born. His father had all of the pre-Nintendo gaming systems, from brands like Atari.

He said that he was fortunate to grow up around gaming.

“Some kids maybe they don’t get a system until they’re like five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten or whatever,” he said.

While he may eventually end up having a profession that is not involved in gaming, he said that he will never give it up.

“I’m always going to be streaming, probably for the rest of my life,” he said.

Spoor, who is also a professional wrestler, wants to continue using video games as a creative outlet for himself.

Whether it’s scripting a promo as a pro wrestler or producing a gaming stream, he wants to have an outlet to express himself at all times.

“Production value definitely adds to a memory,” he said. “It enhances the content.”

Spoor does all of this from his bedroom in Whitehall.

He streams games like Rocket League and Call of Duty but won’t commit to a strict library of games for streaming.

Streaming has opened Spoor’s eyes to an incredibly extensive library of titles from Steam, which is a video game digital distribution service that launched in 2003.

It’s what really introduced him to the world of PC gaming.

“I never necessarily had a PC that was good enough to play games on,” he said, “2019 or 2020 is when I really started utilizing my laptop as an actual PC gaming laptop.”

When you purchase a console such as a PlayStation Five or an Xbox Series X you are placed inside the game bubble of those developers. But the downside is other titles are not as available as they are on a PC.

“You’re getting independent games from no developers, just independent people like me who just download the game engine creator and design a game that’s awesome,” he said.

The hit game Among Us that took the pandemic-ridden world by storm was created by three people. Spoor said that they are the only three people who designed it and update it constantly.

“If you get a PC computer and download Steam and you go through that you’ve got just the realm and the depth of gaming, it’s insane,” Spoor said.

Gaming hits home for a lot of different people in different ways. Spoor says that it stimulates his brain.

It’s a way to decompress.

“It’s no different than music, it’s art that you can play. It’s just a way that you can escape from reality for a bit,” he said.

Spoor is currently trying to encourage gaming to catch fire more rapidly within the local community. He said that he wants to form the first recognized gang of gamers.

The name of this group would be the Gamer Gang.

If you are interested in joining this new group you can join the Discord at

To follow Spoor in all of his creative endeavors you can find him on Facebook at, on Twitch at and on YouTube at

He said that he is also available to be contacted via email at [email protected].

“I’m encouraging people to reach out to me if they are looking for help or have any kind of digital content project they would like to start,” he said. “I’m available and willing to travel if need be.”