Remembering Junior Poalino

Concetto Francisco Poalino, Jr., (Junior)
Nov. 28, 1934–Feb. 1, 2021

By Debbie Brosseau

Growing up in Fair Haven or in the Lakes Region area, Poalino’s Greenhouse was the place to go for gardening inspiration.

For many growing seasons, residents of Fair Haven and the surrounding communities all gained a wealth of knowledge from the master of growing, Junior Poalino.

Just getting ready for the upcoming planting season got you through the dreaded month of March and the feeling-hopeful month of April. When May arrived: Game on, it’s time! Perennials, annuals, and seeds were on the mind. Whether your passion was flowers, veggies or just plain good advice, you could look to Junior for all of the above.

This year would be 100 years in business. In honor of Junior, plant something, feel the sunshine and enjoy the beauty of growing!