Frugal Pig going out of business

Frugal Pig going out of business

If you’ve driven by the Frugal Pig on Broadway, you would have noticed a sign out front that reads, “Going Out of Business Sale.”

Frugal Pig founder Gina Covell of Vermont said that they don’t have a definite final day, but the end of their lease at their location, 260 Broadway, is the last day of February.

“We hope to close the store itself two weeks prior to that so we have time to clean things out,” she said. “I guess we are going to play it by ear.”

Covell said that a driving force in her decision to close the shop was the coronavirus pandemic.

“Of course, COVID hit and being a young business that’s hard enough to get your name out there,” she said. “So that set us way back.”

Another factor was that Covell was under the impression that the cost to pay the bills at that specific location on Broadway was going to be much less than it ended up being.

The final day of the Frugal Pig’s lease is the last day of February.

“The landlord gave us some misinformation as to what the heating bill would be and what the electrical bill would be,” Covell said. “We did a five-year business plan. We put a lot of thought into this, and we knew it was a risk but it was a well-thought-out risk.”

But the decision was inevitable. The Frugal Pig had to make a decision one way or another, and Covell said that she didn’t see a light at the end of the tunnel that was this pandemic.

“We were teetering as it was, and then just seeing this coming down the pike, we had to make a decision one way or the other,” she said.

The Frugal Pig was a thrift store that also sold gifts and served as a boutique. It was a storefront that financed the non-profit Spring Hill Rescue, which is located at 175 Middle Rd., North Clarendon, Vermont. The non-profit was founded back in 2000 and served primarily as a horse rescue.

The Frugal Pig store is one of the many small businesses that have seen the devastating blow that this pandemic has been able to deliver.

“We’re still kind of like scratching our heads like ‘what happened?’ You know? We were doing so well and didn’t really understand,” Covell said.

Up until the final day the store is running on shortened hours. It will be open Thursday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The Frugal Pig’s physical store may be closing, but it still has plenty of items it is planning on selling online through eBay.

“We’re learning to take into consideration the learning curve. We’re going to see how that goes. We’re going to have a lot of inventory that will, sheesh, I’m gonna say last us probably a good year before we get it all on there,” she said with a chuckle.

If you still wish to help out Covell and the Frugal Pig you can call or text her at 802-353-6540 to see if it is able to accept any potential items you may have to offer.

Covell said she wants the Whitehall community to know how much she has appreciated getting to know them and how much she loved serving them through the Frugal Pig.

“We got to know a lot of locals and I know they’re really disappointed that we are closing. But we had fun with them, and we’re gonna miss the familiar faces that we got to know and love,” she said. “I just want to thank them for their support.”