Heart attack victim finds ‘Christmas miracle’

Heart attack victim finds ‘Christmas miracle’
Photo Courtesy of GoFundMe.com. Katy and Don Hall.

Just under three months ago, Don Hall, 51, of North Maple Street in Granville was fighting for his life while induced in a coma following a heart attack he suffered on the evening of Nov. 10.

He now awaits the good news of discharge from Mass General in Boston after successfully undergoing a heart transplant on Jan. 21, 11 days after being placed on the transplant list.

Don’s wife, Katy Hall, has been full of emotion, as she returned to work and continues to spend the little spare time she has Facetiming Don and being with her grandchildren.

“It’s been a long battle,” Katy Hall said. “It seemed like he would be on a steady forward progress then slide down the hill.”

As reported in the Nov. 30 issue of the Sentinel, Don Hall was displaying signs of a heart attack when he collapsed on the floor of his bathroom. He was initially rushed to Glens Falls Hospital and then air-lifted to Albany Medical Center, where it was decided immediate attention at Mass General would generate Don Hall’s best chances of survival.

Don was hooked up to a ventilator and placed in a medically induced coma after it was revealed he had a hole in his heart with blockage and a blood clot that caused internal bleeding.

Katy mentioned she was unaware of all the qualifications and requirements an applicant for a heart transplant must pass, including height, weight, age and mental and physical ability.

Many people struggle during the holiday season when remembering or missing out on loved ones. For Katy Hall and her grandchildren, they were granted a “Christmas miracle” in the late afternoon of Christmas day over a Facetime call.

“Don seemed to snap out of his weakened mental state and from there on, he improved quickly,” Katy Hall said.

Don Hall put his faith in God for his operation, knowing the outcome would be positive either way, his wife said.

“I asked Don if he was scared or nervous, he replied that he was not, as he knew everything was going to work out,” Katy said. “You see, Don expected the Lord into his heart a couple of weeks before the surgery. He knew that one of two things were going to happen; either he received a new heart and lived or he would be going home to the Lord. Either way he was blessed.”

After a seven-and-a-half hour procedure, Don Hall was able to exit surgery without the assistance of any additional support. Katy Hall described the difference in talking to Don as “night and day.”

“The smile on his face, the clarity of his words, was amazing,” she said.

Hall’s family put together a GoFundMe page towards the cost of medical expenses that would not be covered by insurance. Through 40 donors, $3,034 was raised out of a $2,500 goal.

Don Hall does have a few hills to climb still, as he works on rehabilitating his body to be able to process things quickly, walk and write strongly and use his phone in the “step-down wing” of Mass General.

It was more than clear that Don Hall cannot wait to see his grandchildren again, and they him.

“If all continues well he will be released sometime next week, possibly as early as Monday (Feb. 1),” Katy Hall said. “Don and I will stay in Boston for three weeks as he has weekly procedures.”

Katy Hall couldn’t help but show her appreciation for those who sent her and Don well wishes, as well as monetary donations during the challenging time.

“I am very grateful for all the love and support that everyone has given to Don, myself, and my family through inspirational, emotional, physical, mental and financial help and encouragement.” Katy Hall said. “Many times without even knowing it, you all have helped in every way possible.  Just the simplest words have lifted my spirits. So many times I’ve said ‘I’m fine’ and wasn’t, until I received that phone call or text, or card! Thank you beyond everything that exists for making this situation so much better.”

For those who would like to contribute, here is the GoFundMe link to donate to the Hall’s efforts to pay any medical expenses that medical insurance may not be able to cover: https://www.gofundme.com/f/medical-emergency-hits-granville-family?sharetype=teams&member=6730202&pc=fb_co_campmgmt_w&rcid=r01-160532042086-57f9fe83085d4a48&utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=fb_co_campmgmt_w&fbclid=IwAR0XOh_goYcp1Yabl3-n-28eV0M9fxew7ODO5zSnYnqw1UiaLR-2Ou-K7VI