Dresden presses for internet for students

Dresden presses for internet for students

The Dresden Town Board is planning on reaching out to the Whitehall Central School District to figure out how many students live in Dresden so they can secure internet from Slic for remote learning.

Supervisor Paul Ferguson gave an update on the coverage that is being provided by Slic. On Slic’s website it states, “the journey to crazy fast internet starts here.”

Ferguson cited an updated map that he posted to the Dresden, NY in Washington County Facebook group. He told the board to expect internet services at the beginning of spring.

Paul Ferguson

“Their worst-case scenario for your internet to be on and working is the beginning of March,” he said, “which isn’t too far away.”

Becky Eggleston commented on the map update, saying that it is like a dream come true.

“Our kids need this being virtual! Heck we all need it and deserve it finally,” she wrote.

Ferguson told the board that the process has been a struggle, saying that it has been “really hard.”

The topic of how many Dresden students attend Whitehall Central School came up to the board, and Ferguson did not have the number in front of him.

He said that he should call to figure that out.

Board member Edwin Raymond spoke up and said that getting internet services to those households should be their main concern.

“Mainly, as far as I’m concerned, they’re a priority,” he said.

At the annual meeting of the Washington County Board of Supervisors back on Nov. 20 Ferguson had brought up the issue of lacking internet services.

“We have hardly any cell service, we have no internet hardly and we don’t seem to get any emergency help,” he said during the Zoom meeting in November.

Raymond made sure that Ferguson wrote down to call Whitehall Central School on his to-do list so they can work toward getting internet in those students’ homes.

Slic has said that its internet services will be up and running by the beginning of March. This is an updated coverage map courtesy of Paul Ferguson.

“You can be talking to these guys from Slic in the next couple of days. That would be an awful thing if you go across the street and the kid who lives over here can’t get it,” he said.

Ferguson said that it was a great idea.

“We have certain children that you’re not going to give Slic to that need it because one, COVID and two, the school is closed,” he said.

Whitehall junior/senior high school has been closed since the start of the school year due to the storms and flooding that took place on Aug. 24.

Ferguson also mentioned that he feels more people will make Huletts Landing a permanent residence rather than a vacation spot.

“I really believe that. I think a lot of those people, the people down there, would live here if they had internet that was reliable for their businesses,” he said.