Pawlet Scholarship Committee raises $10,000

The Pawlet Scholarship Committee exceeded its fundraising goal for the year.

The Pawlet Scholarship Committee raised $10,000 to help Pawlet and West Pawlet residents achieve their educational goals.

Not only did the committee reach its goal, it exceeded it, which means more friends and neighbors can receive financial assistance.

With so many people, businesses and organizations struggling now due to the worldwide pandemic, the committee is even more thankful that donors chose to donate so that the Pawlet Scholarship Committee may help others.

The committee is always accepting donations so it’s not too late if you meant to donate and haven’t yet.

Send donations to Pawlet Scholarship Committee, PO Box 206, Pawlet, VT 05761.

For more information or to find an application, visit

The committee accepts scholarship applications from residents of Pawlet and West Pawlet who intend to continue their education beyond high school through a traditional college, certificate or training program. Education opens doors.

The Pawlet Scholarship Committee also thanks McChesney Real Estate and the West Pawlet Fire Department for allowing signs to be placed in their yards to keep the community involved in the committee’s efforts.