Highlights of village board meeting

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Photo Courtesy of villageofgranvilleny.com A banner in the Village of Granville.

The Granville Village Board’s first meeting of 2021 was jam-packed with information and announcements.

● Police reform forum

Although a plan was not set in stone, with increased pressure from the state, Granville Police Department Chief Ernie Bassett Jr. and Mayor Paul Labas have been aiming to finalize a plan for a public forum regarding police reform.

Ideally, Bassett said he would like to see advisory boards consist of community members that creates a “diverse group of opinions.”

As a result of COVID-19 restrictions, the Village Municipal Center is unable to hold a completely public open-discussion with the police department and village officials.

Bassett’s plan would allow these advisory board members to reel in ideas, concerns and praise from community members of all ages and backgrounds in the village, as well as their own.

Labas said he has had multiple conversations with Samuel Parker, an assistant in Gov.

Cuomo’s office, in regards to the best way to operate the forum, and the “feasibility” of pulling off this required conversation between the public and the police.

A definite plan is still in the works and will be monitored until revealed by Bassett and or Labas.

● Coin-drop for little league

The annual coin-drop event for the Granville Little League was announced in a letter to the Village Board that their proceeds will be going toward making the COVID-19 vaccination more readily available.

The Little League Board of Directors intends to have the coin-drop take place on Saturday, May 1, but wanted to inform the village board that an alternative date may have to be considered if COVID restrictions are not lifted.

“I hope they can pull this off,” Labas said.

Board member Dean Hyatt mentioned that there are multiple coin-drops that occur in Granville throughout the calendar year. If restrictions are still intact, Hyatt recommended the board propose backup alternative dates for coin-drop events in the future, as they serve as major fundraisers to the community organizations.

● Registration Day abolished

The Village of Granville has not had an official Registration Day in a long time, according to both Labas and Roberts.

● Village election in March

Tuesday March 16, from noon to 9 p.m. at Village Municipal Center.

● Budget process

Tentative budget is not official yet, but the village is looking at a minimal tax increase, with no increase on water or sewer tax for “the first time in a very long time,” Labas said.

“Right now, the tentative budget that we are looking at is a tax levy increase of 1% or less, I’m thinking less,” Labas said.

Labas was proud to announce all services will be maintained and retained this year.

The tentative budget will be presented at the Feb. 1 board meeting where a budget workshop will take place. After nitpicking the details and crunching the numbers, the tentative budget will look to be approved and presented to the public at the March 1 board meeting.

The 2021 budget will then aim to be approved and finalized at the April 5 board meeting.

● New appointed employees

Scott Mackey was officially appointed as Department of Public Works superintendent following the retirement of George Johnson in October. Mackey’s salary rate will be $30.88 per hour.

Joshua Hayes was permanently appointed as the assistant superintendent for the DPW, with a salary rate of $23.86 per hour.

The Granville Police Department will welcome William (Bill) Humphries as a part-time patrol officer.