‘Memory Tree’ succeeds in brightening spirits

‘Memory Tree’ succeeds in brightening spirits
Komen Vermont Virtual Snowshoe Sunday, January 17, 2021

Every year around the holiday season the bandstand in Whitehall is decorated with a donated tree and lights to remember loved ones.

The Historical Society of Whitehall calls it the Memory Tree.

The tree has been a staple for the holidays for more than 20 years, and the bulbs that are purchased by the community help support the Historical Society of Whitehall.

The newly refurbished bandstand sits in the Village Park next to the Whitehall Volunteer Fire House, and this year’s Christmas Tree to hold the lights was donated by Chamberlin’s Christmas Tree Farm.

There was an excellent response this year from the community to help light the tree, which stands in the bandstand from after Thanksgiving all the way through to the new year.

Here is a list of donors and who they are remembering this holiday season.

Julie and Bill Van Guilder purchased five bulbs each in memory of Sheila Durrum, Thomas Martin and Walter McKee.

Jim and Sandra Aiken purchased five bulbs in memory of the Aiken and Clark families.

Jay DiResta bought one bulb each in memory of James DiResta, Dorothy DiResta, Penny DiResta and Tim DiResta.

Katlian Barrant purchased one bulb in memory of Vincent Barrant.

Maia McDonald, Tristan McDonald and Kasondra Bennett bought three bulbs in memory of Stanley L. McDonald Jr.

John and Ann Keys purchased five bulbs each in memory of Ep and Mary Bartholomew, Norm and Sue Keys, Linda Beckwith, Linda Bleibtrey and ten bulbs in memory of Bartholomew ancestors.

Annette Parrott purchased two bulbs in memory of Ann Parrott, Reta and Elmer Barrott, Bonnie and Bob Davis, Kitty and Bruno Matte and Jim and Doretha Parrott.

Gail Chamberlain bought 25 bulbs in memory of W. Almon Galloway, Helen Galloway and Kay Galloway.

Melio Marcino purchased 32 bulbs in memory of Duce Marcino, Charles and Stella Kortz, Clarence and Effiy Kortz and Fred “The Barber” Rondeau.

Wayne Semecal bought 50 bulbs in memory of Carol Senecal, Paul and Catherine Senecal and Joe and Louise Manell.

Beth Molinero and Peggy Sparano purchased 100 bulbs in memory of Joyce and John Molinero, Johnny and Neil Molinero and John Sparano.

Lois Larson bought five bulbs each in memory of Alfred Larson, Gunnar and Lucy Larson, Clayton and Mildred Juckett, Ralph Juckett and Tom Minerly.

Malcom and Joan Douglas bought 30 bulbs in memory of Steve and Thelma Lipka and Mac and Jean Douglas.

Leslie and Kathryn Benjamin bought 20 bulbs in memory of Valley and Evelyn Benjamin and Patrick and Margaret Egan.

Dorothy Hart purchased 90 bulbs in memory of Dot and Frank Hart, Alta and Clarence Wray, John and Alice Hart, Barb Marshall, Sarah Willett, Mim and Tony DiResta, Virginia and Jum Ellsbury, Ann Nichols and Marrianne Scott, Sonny Wray, Ethel McLaughlin, Mary Hart Duell, Larry Hart, Lorraine Stone, Kay Wright, Antoinette and Mike Rovelli, Henry Gurney, Danny LaFayette, Carm and Bob LaFrance, Edna DeKalb and Marguerite Ross.

Pat Norton purchased five bulbs each in memory of Francis G. Norton, George Norton, Genevieve Norton, Mary Helen Norton, Monica Beckwith, John N. Neary, Marion G. Neary, Mildred Longton, Leo Longtin, Joan Neiles, John H. Neary and Lena Neary.

Lynn and George enny purchased two bulbs each in memory of Howard Bartholomew, Janet “Yorkey” Bartholomew, William R. Enny, Helen Enny, Julia Kaminski, Susan Bronson, Jimmy Ingleston, George Schanstra, John Hoague-Rivett and Jerry Arquette.

Wilbur Rozell purchased 25 bulbs each in memory of Sandra Rozell, the Mitchison and the Rozell Families.