Police Beat, Nov. 26

Editor’s note: An arrest or a charge is not a conviction. All persons listed are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Charges can be amended or dismissed.

Saunders arrested for allegedly committing grand larceny and forgery

Jonathan C. Saunders

According to Sheriff Jeffrey J. Murphy, the Washington County Sheriff’s Office arrested Jonathan C. Saunders, 32, of Salem for one count of grand larceny in the third degree, a class D felony, and 43 counts each of forgery in the third degree and criminal possession of a forged instrument, both class A misdemeanors.

The investigation alleges that Saunders forged checks made payable to himself and cashed the forged checks, which resulted in him stealing $6,505.00 from his victim’s banking account.

Saunders was processed at the Law Enforcement Center, arraigned in the county’s centralized arraignment court and released without bail. Under New York State’s new bail reform law. these charges are no longer eligible for bail.

Granville Police Department

Nov. 13

8 p.m. Police patrolled to a Columbus Street home to speak with a 55-year-old woman and her 20-year-old daughter for a dispatched burglary with the door left open. After speaking briefly with the two residents, the officer asked them to step outside and wait until he and fellow officers cleared the house and property. The mother explained to the officer that she was behind on her mortgage payment and the bank had been leaving notices on her door for the past couple of weeks. One of the notices shown to the officer said the property appeared to be vacant. The officer advised the mother to call the lender and notify them she and her daughter are still living there. The mother stated nothing was missing from the home.

Nov. 14

6:30 p.m. After being dispatched to a residence on Slocum Avenue, police spoke with a 25-year-old woman about her ex-boyfriend, a 25-year-old man taking a dog from her. The woman said her ex-boyfriend came to her place for a custody exchange and that the man had asked to see the dog. After retrieving the dog from inside the residence, the man grabbed the dog by the collar, placed the dog in his gray SUV and drove off with his new girlfriend in the car. The officer advised the woman that this was a civil issue and that someone would need to show ownership of the dog for the police to take any action.

Nov. 16

2:50 p.m. Police responded to a Potter Avenue apartment for an ongoing and well-aware issue between the landlord and tenants. Upon arrival, police were informed one of the tenants, a 65-year-old woman, was reporting her landlord, a 67-year-old man, on scene stealing items off the front porch. The other tenant, a 55-year-old woman, claimed the landlord had stolen all the items that were on the porch. The 55-year-old woman was advised that the items on the front porch were removed and placed in storage, which was allowed because both the 65 and 55-year-old women were given notice that said items needed to be removed. The 55-year-old woman then became irate and went back inside. The officer was able to speak with the 65-year-old woman over the phone and explained the civil nature of the situation to her.

Nov. 17

8 a.m. After being dispatched over to Columbus Street for an elderly woman who had fallen down and had an altered mental state, police secured the scene and assisted EMS with evaluating and transporting the 72-year-old woman to a medical facility. Dispatch informed the officer that the caller, a 48-year-old man, was verbally aggressive over the phone regarding the situation.

11:05 a.m. A Stewart’s Shops employee, a 32-year-old woman, called the station line to report a Granville woman who was refusing to leave the store after being asked to leave due to her involvement in a prior incident in the store. The officer arrived and spoke with the woman who was clearly upset and claimed that she didn’t have to leave because she was wearing a mask and Stewart’s is not a privately owned store. The officer explained to the woman that the store could refuse service to her because of current or previous behavior, and that she needed to leave the premises or else she would be arrested. Reluctantly, the woman left the store, but not before yelling, “remember my face!” Employees at Stewart’s were advised to call the police immediately if this woman returned.

5:30 p.m. A neighbor to an Elm Street residence called Granville police to report a domestic dispute. Upon arriving, police could hear a 28-year-old man and a 35-year-old woman yelling at each other to leave the house. The officer contacted the man who claimed he was being kicked out of his own house. The two were separated and interviewed. The officer spoke with the woman who was crying and upset, stating “he put his hands on me.” There was a limited explanation of the situation by the woman besides her saying the man grabbed her by her arms and left red marks and pushed her. The woman also had a red mark on her left cheek but claimed she didn’t know how that happened. The woman then said she did not wish for the man to be arrested. She filled out a report and provided a statement at the station. The officer also stood by the residence as the woman removed her belongings from the house, returned her key to the man and set a date for her to retrieve her four-wheeler.

Nov. 18

2:05 p.m. Police were dispatched to a residence on Mettowee Street for a verbal domestic between a 29-year-old woman and a 27-year-old man. Upon arrival, the officer was approached by the man standing by a vehicle stating the woman was accusing him of cheating on her, so he wanted to go inside, grab his belongings and leave. The woman came outside and claimed the man was a cheater and she wanted him gone. The officer told the woman to go back inside and that he would speak with her shortly in the residence. The woman went inside and slammed the door. The officer attempted to interview the woman who wouldn’t open her door but said she could hear the officer fine. She eventually opened the door and spoke with the officer on the front porch, stating the man was a cheater, that he wasn’t welcome there anymore and that everything he claimed to be his was actually her property. The officer advised the man and woman that this was a civil issue and that they would need to go to court to settle it. The man wanted it documented that the tools that were at the house were all brand new and in working condition. The officer provided the man a ride to McDonald’s where he was picked up by a friend.

Whitehall Police Department

Nov. 13

7:37 a.m. The reporting officer was dispatched to a residence on North Williams Street for a reported larceny. Upon arrival the officer found a 71-year-old North Williams Street woman parked by what she said was a pile of plywood on the sidewalk that was being used for repair for her roof. The officer asked her if she had spoken to the individual who had been doing the work on her roof. The woman stated that she had not because she could not contact him. The officer advised the woman to contact him and confirm that he did not use the rest of the plywood and there was not a miscommunication. The woman agreed to do so. The officer also advised the woman that if she can make contact and cannot confirm that he used the plywood to get the amount and price of the stolen property. The officer would have a larceny complaint completed for her to sign. An officer spoke with the woman on Nov. 19 about the issue. She informed police that it was a misunderstanding and the plywood belonged to her neighbor.

Nov. 14

6:21 a.m. A 56-year-old East Montcalm Avenue woman called police with a parking complaint. The vehicle of a 36-year-old Montcalm Avenue man was parked on the street, making it difficult to get by. The reporting officer drove by the man’s vehicle on Montcalm Avenue and observed it to have one tire on the roadway with a trailer attached facing the wrong direction. The officer reported that they were able to pass by the vehicle with no problems.

1:30 p.m. The reporting officer was dispatched to a residence on West Street for a report of loose dogs. Upon arrival the officer spoke with a 50-year-old West Street man who said that the dogs belonging to a 63-year-old woman got through her fence and into the yard of the man. He said that they tend to be aggressive towards people. A 37-year-old Route 4 man was able to get the dogs back into the owner’s house for her. The officer spoke with the owner who said that she was going to have her son-in-law look at the fence and see if repairs were necessary.

Nov. 16

4:42 p.m. A 39-year-old Corinth woman reported to police that she was walking on the “street above Williams Street” with her son and dog when they were approached by a brown pit bull with a harness on but no leash. The woman stated that the dog ran to her and was barking but got distracted. She was concerned that while the dog may not have appeared aggressive, if she were walking her other dog, she believes a dog fight would have ensued. Police asked the woman to confirm if the street she was referring to was Skene Street, which it was. The woman stated that she was carrying mace with her on walks from now on and she wanted the incident documented. This way if it happens again, she can say that she reported it. The reporting officer patrolled Williams Street, Wilson Avenue, Potter Street, Wheeler Avenue, Mountain Street, North Mountain Street, McCotter Street and Skene Street but was unable to locate the dog. The officer stated that they will monitor the area for the brown pit bull.

6:25 p.m. A Bellamy Street woman whose age was not reported informed police that there were three men captured on security cameras Sunday night at the Recreation Center after hours. The woman said that she found alcohol, cigarette butts and JUUL pods in the dugout and believes one of the men was sleeping there. The reporting officer patrolled the field and found no one at the time but stated that police will patrol the area at night.

Nov. 17

9:20 p.m. A 30-year-old South Williams Street woman informed police that a 37-year-old South Williams Street man keeps attempting to contact her and is using third parties as well. The reporting officer asked where the woman was residing. She advised that she is now living in Granville and is receiving calls from there. The reporting officer advised her to contact the Granville Police Department since she is receiving contact in their jurisdiction. Police attempted to contact the man but were unable to do so.

Nov. 18

7:33 a.m. Jessica Carr, 49, received a ticket for going 50 mph in a 30-mph zone. The reporting officer observed a vehicle traveling south on Broadway at high speed. The officer confirmed the speed via radar. The officer stopped the vehicle and identified the operator as Carr, who admitted that she was indeed speeding. The officer issued the speeding ticket.

New York State Police

Nov. 11

4:30 p.m. Richard F. Boisclair, 29, of Whitehall was arrested for unlawfully growing cannabis, a class A misdemeanor. He was issued an appearance ticket.

Nov. 15

3:35 p.m. Robin E. Dibble, 55, of Hartford was arrested in Granville for criminal tampering in the third degree, a class B misdemeanor. She was issued an appearance ticket.

5:18 p.m. Kenny W. Mallory, 36, of Hudson Falls was arrested for criminal possession of a controlled substance in the seventh degree and possession of a hypodermic instrument, both class A misdemeanors. He was issued an appearance ticket.

Nov. 17

2:39 p.m. Andrea R. Benway, 31, of Hudson Falls was arrested in Greenwich for an incident that took place on Aug. 7, 2019, in which she acted in a manner injurious to a child younger than 17 on two counts, a class A misdemeanor. She was released on her own recognizance.

Nov. 18

2:29 p.m. Bryan A. Montpelier, 35, of Greenwich was arrested for violating an order of protection, in particular criminal contempt in the first degree and aggravated family offense, both class E felonies, and criminal possession of a weapon in the fourth degree, a class A misdemeanor. He was being held.

3:46 p.m. Frank M. Van de Bogart, 20, of Castleton-on Hudson, was arrested in Whitehall for criminal possession of a controlled substance in the seventh degree, a class A misdemeanor. He was issued an appearance ticket.

Vermont State Police

Nov. 19

9:10 p.m. Rutland city police were advised of a stolen vehicle complaint from the Panera Bread parking lot in Rutland City. While investigating this complaint, police officers observed the vehicle traveling on U.S. Route 7 and attempted to conduct a motor vehicle stop. The vehicle failed to yield, and a brief pursuit ensued. Officers discontinued the pursuit at the intersection of Route 7 and Route 103 in Clarendon.

Vermont State Police responded to the area and observed the vehicle traveling northbound on Route 103 in Clarendon and attempted to conduct a motor vehicle stop. The vehicle failed to yield to troopers, and a pursuit ensued.

The vehicle traveled southbound on Route 7 in the northbound lane of travel at a high rate of speed. When it traveled on to Hartsboro Road in Wallingford and Homerstone Road, troopers successfully used a tire deflation device to stop it.

The driver, Jeffrey Kozikowski, 41, of Rutland City, was taken into custody without incident. Kozikowski was transported to the Rutland City Police Department for processing and was issued a citation to appear in Rutland Superior Court Criminal Division to answer to the charges of attempting to elude, grossly negligent operation, aggravated operation without the consent of the owner and grand larceny. Kozikowski was taken to Southern State Correctional Facility.