Power line work to begin in Dresden

Power line work to begin in Dresden

Transmission Developers Inc. is getting started on the Champlain Hudson Power Express line that will run through the town of Dresden.

Town supervisor Paul Ferguson informed the Dresden Town Board of this during its most recent meeting on Nov. 9.

The TDI line will run from Canada all the way to Queens and will be used to bring up to 1,000 megawatts of clean, reusable energy to the New York metro area.

Paul Ferguson

“They’re trying to beat the frost line and start digging. They go about two miles a day from what I hear,” Ferguson told the board.

In a phone call after the meeting Ferguson said that the plan is for TDI to start drilling core samples on Nov. 30. He said that there will be more information given to him over the coming weeks about the project.

Ferguson said that the people will know when they begin the work.

“When you see them along Route 22 you’ll know it because they have quite the machinery,” he said.

Dresden is looking at plenty of money after this project is completed.

Ferguson said that over the next 40 plus years they will be receiving $1 million that will be split in three ways. Whitehall Central School will get a cut and Washington County will also receive a portion.

“The school is going to get like $580,000, the county is going to get like $360,000 and the town is going to get $120,000,” Ferguson said. “The school gets the most.”

The work is going to also be running through Putnam and Whitehall, according to the board.

Slic is also scheduled to start the work to bring high-speed internet to Dresden starting in December.

Ferguson told the board that Slic is going to be skipping some areas, but he will take what he can get for the time being.

“We’ll take areas they’re giving us for now, and we’ll fight with them later or take the governor (Andrew Cuomo) up on his offer where you pay to have the line run to your house and they reimburse you,” he said.

The board also passed the preliminary budget for 2021 after there was no comment during a public hearing at the start of the meeting.