Champ’s adds special lower-cost menu

Champ’s adds special lower-cost menu

As he stared at the walls inside Champ’s Corner Pub and Grille on a slow night for the restaurant, Salvatore Panetta began thinking about everyone who is struggling because of COVID-19.

That is when Panetta and Elizabeth Priest, both of whom are part owners of the restaurant, began tossing ideas around for an affordable takeout menu to offer alongside their regular menu.

Now they have one.

Champ’s is now offering a “$9.95 and under” special takeout menu so customers can enjoy some of their menu options at a lower cost.

The new takeout menu is available alongside their normal menu.

“There are people probably out there that are hurting just as much as we are,” Panetta said. “They may work nine-to-five, or they may not be working at all and they enjoy our food but can’t afford it.”

That was the driving force behind Panetta’s brainchild. He wanted to offer an affordable option for customers to enjoy.

But this is also for those who are still cautious about eating out.

“This also benefits people who can afford it, but they’re not ready to come in,” he said.

As of now the menu has 11 items, including chicken parmesan with spaghetti, fresh fried haddock with fries and ravioli with a five-ounce meatball.

They posted the new takeout menu on the restaurant’s Facebook page on Nov. 5, and the response has been overwhelming.

More than 4,000 people have seen the post and it has been shared 66 times.

Panetta said that he’s aware that he won’t “break the bank” with this new takeout option, but that doesn’t concern him.

“In the restaurant business you’re supposed to make three times your money on a certain dish. I don’t care if I’m making just half, I don’t care if it’s just under half,” he said.

The new menu that you can see on their Facebook page isn’t set in stone. Priest said they will periodically add new specials to coincide with their regular specials.

Panetta said if the restaurant is having a lasagna special, there will also be a smaller portion available on the “$9.95 and under” takeout menu.

Elizabeth Priest prepares garlic knots hours before opening Champ’s for the night.

“There will be different specials with this,” he said.

“Plus our regular menu,” Priest chimed in.

Panetta said the plan right now is to have this menu available throughout the winter. Then, when April rolls around, they will evaluate the climate and see what steps they will take next.

Champ’s is open every day but Wednesday from 3:30 to 8 p.m. You can dine-in or order takeout from their normal menu or the new “$9.95 and under” takeout menu by calling 518-499-5172.

They also do local deliveries Thursday through Sunday.

“We want to give back,” Priest said.

“That’s why we came up with this,” Panetta  added.