Police Beat, Sept. 24

Editor’s note: An arrest or a charge is not a conviction. All persons listed are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Charges can be amended or dismissed.

Granville Police Department

Sept. 10

3:36 p.m. Benje C. Larico of New York City was ticketed for speeding on North Street following a traffic stop.

Sept. 11

12:50 a.m. Police were dispatched to the area of Rathbun Avenue behind Edwards Market for a report of two suspicious people walking around with flashlights searching through the dumpster. The complainant, a 32-year-old Granville man, said he lost track of the two suspects after they crossed the foot bridge behind the Slate Valley Museum. Police checked the area and were unable to locate anyone.

12:45 p.m. Accompanying Child Protective Services on a sufficient environment to sleep check at Morrison Avenue, police and CPS were unable to go inside the house when the 33-year-old Granville mother slammed the door shut after saying, “not without a warrant!”

Sept. 12

8:30 a.m. A 63-year-old female of Wells, Vermont reported someone had broken into her dumpster on Williams Street in Granville. The female claimed she knew someone had been into her dumpster because items were moved around and misplaced, but nothing taken. The reporting officer advised the property as abandoned property but would notify patrols to be wary of the area for trespassing issues.

5:26 p.m. Police responded to an apartment on North Street for a reported domestic where the officer was met outside by a 13-year-old female. The child stated she and the 43 year-old mother were struck by the 27-year-old father. The mother stated that the father and her had been arguing for the last few days, and that the altercation was only verbal. The daughter was grabbed by the arm by the father to move her out of the way. The father stated the situation was only a verbal argument as well and that he grabbed the daughter’s arm to move her out of the way when the mother and father were arguing. The mother and father both agreed to keep to themselves for the night.

8:53 p.m. Police were dispatched to a Church Street home to assist a 39-year-old father and 33-year-old mother in locating their 17-year-old son. The couple stated this isn’t the first time the son has taken off. Police located the child and brought him back to the residence.

Sept. 14

1:21 p.m. Police responded to two separate dog complaints on Mettowee Street. Two dogs were running at large and had been secured. Animal Control was then notified. While a Facebook post with pictures of the dogs was being prepared, the owner of the dogs called and sent a friend to secure the dogs. Animal Control was then canceled.

Sept. 15

9:55 a.m. While on patrol, police responded to a reported domestic on Factory Street called by a neighbor. Upon arrival, the officer spoke with the 30-year-old father who said his 9-year-old son was out of control after returning from Four Winds Hospital. The father claimed his son was throwing a fit and went upstairs to his room and continued to scream. The father then went upstairs to discipline his son by spanking him. The son pulled away from the father and smacked his head on the window sill. The 29-year-old mother showed the officer the bump on the child’s head and stated she would call the doctor about it. The officer then spoke with the son alone outside when the child explained he had come home from school due to a stomachache and that his parents were upset with him about it. The son then became angry with his parents and started screaming and saying “mean” things to his parents. The child stated his father grabbed him to spank him when the son pulled away from him and fell, hitting his head on the window sill. The officer told the parents to contact the police if any issues continued.

10:45 a.m. Police responded to a call about a suspicious vehicle circling the block on South Maple Street. The caller said the vehicle was occupied by two “sketchy” white males and that they were driving slow looking at houses. The officer checked the area and was unable to locate anyone. Later in the day, the officer observed the vehicle turning around in a driveway on South Maple Street where he stopped the vehicle occupied by a 53-year-old male of Grand Folks, North Dakota and a 29-year-old male from Glens Falls. The duo said they were looking for a vehicle to purchase. Both were released after a file check was issued to dispatch.

4:30 p.m. Police responded to Rathbun Avenue where a 55-year-old male reported a group of youths threw his 15-year-old granddaughter’s bike into the river. Upon arrival, the officer was told by the grandfather that a 37-year-old woman threw the 15-year-old’s bike into the river after having an argument with each other. The bike was retrieved from the river and was not damaged. Both females were told by the officer to stay away from each other to avoid conflict.

5:20 p.m. While on patrol, police were advised by an off-duty officer that there was a group of youths possibly smoking marijuana by the foot bridge on Morrison Avenue. The on-duty officer spoke with a 17-year-old male who stated his friends left when they spotted the off-duty officer earlier. When questioned about smoking marijuana, the 17-year-old produced a glass bong and small baggie with shake inside. The 17-year-old wouldn’t reveal anyone else’s name. The bong and baggie of smack were seized and designated for destruction.

Sept. 16

7:29 p.m. While on patrol, police were dispatched to the village water tower off Broadview Terrace for a reported deer stuck in the fence. Upon arrival, the officer observed two deer inside a fenced area, but not stuck in the fencing. The officer advised dispatch the deer would exit the fenced area the way they entered and that they were not in danger.

10:37 p.m. Sydney Martel, 20, of New York City was ticketed for speeding past a stationary police officer at the Granville Police Department on Quaker Street. The radar detected Martel was going 44 MPH in a 30 MPH zone. Upon arrival the officer detected an odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. The officer seized a small glass container and smoking pipe as evidence for destruction.

Sept 17

2:40 p.m. Police received a call on the station line from a 33-year-old mother requesting assistance at her residence on Morrison Avenue. The mother explained to the officer her 14-year-old son was acting out of control after having issues at school that day. The mother stated her son was yelling and swearing at her when she attempted to take his phone from him. The son was attempting to pack a bag and stay with his father for the night while the officer was present. The mother was ok with it but demanded his cellphone. The son refused and was told by the officer he would not be leaving the residence until he gave his mother his phone. The son handed it over and left the residence.

4:15 p.m. After being informed about wanting to die, police responded to a Quaker Street residence where a 49-year-old woman explained she wanted a car to hit her while she sat in her wheelchair on the side of the road. The 49-year-old woman’s husband was present and informed that his wife would be going to Glens Falls Hospital to speak with someone, and that her wheelchair could be picked up at the building. The husband was also wheelchair-bound so he could not assist. The woman was turned over to staff at the hospital shortly after.

8:20 p.m. Nicholas T. Edwards, 21, of Granville was ticketed for non-reasonable and prudent speeding just after the four-way stop at Columbus and Pacific Street. The officer who was on patrol at the time caught up to Edwards as he passed Irving Avenue from Madison Street. The officer issued the ticket after identifying the operator by his license.

Whitehall Police Department

Sept. 13

2:27 a.m. A 35-year-old South Williams Street man reported a red laser light on his chest and someone identifying themselves as police. The officer on the scene observed nothing in the area. The officer reported that the man was intoxicated. Units were cleared for an additional unrelated call.

11:29 p.m. Tammy M. Tatro of Williston, Vermont was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor charge of criminal possession of a controlled substance, a violation charge of unlawful possession of marijuana and was ticketed for speeding. The patrolling officer noticed Tatro going 43 mph in a 30-mph zone. Police initiated a traffic stop. While speaking to Tatro the officer smelled marijuana coming from inside the vehicle. The officer asked Tatro if she smoked marijuana, which she confirmed that she does. The officer searched the vehicle. The officer asked Tatro how much marijuana she had. She said that there was no marijuana inside the vehicle, but then stated that there was a little bit more in the center console, along with a grinder and a pipe. The officer found the grinder and pipe in the center console, along with a clear plastic bag containing a large amount of marijuana. The officer also found a circular pink rubber container with a waxy oil substance which Tatro confirmed was concentrated cannabis wax oil. As the officer continued his search Tatro said that she would tell him where the rest of the marijuana was because he would find it anyway. She pointed to a bag in the backseat which contained two clear bags of leafy green substance, as well as another bag of leafy green substance, a torch, a fabric mushroom print bag containing a glass bong and a glass smoking pipe with a small metal rod. The officer advised Tatro that she was under arrest and that she needed to report to Whitehall Police Headquarters for processing. The officer advised her that under normal circumstances he would secure her into custody in the back of his patrol car, but because she had her dog with her, he would follow her back to the station. Tatro was released at 12:57 a.m. with an appearance ticket and a uniform traffic ticket. Both are returnable to the Whitehall Village Court on Sept. 28.

Sept. 14

12:40 p.m. A 20-year-old Broadway woman said that she has been living at her apartment on Broadway with her boyfriend for 11 months. The Broadway woman said that her landlord wants to kick her and her boyfriend out and was threatening to put her belongings outside the apartment. The Broadway woman was worried about some of her property that belonged to her deceased grandmother being damaged. The reporting officer spoke with the landlord who informed him that she wanted to kick the Broadway woman and her boyfriend out but would never damage any property. The officer advised the landlord that she could be charged if she were to damage the property. The officer called the Broadway woman who told him the landlord has been continuing to call and leave threatening messages. She played the messages for the officer over the phone. The officer informed her that there was nothing said in the messages that would constitute aggravated harassment.

New York State Police

Sept. 11

8 p.m. Graham Simmons, 42, of Fort Edward, was arrested for unlawfully growing cannabis, a class A misdemeanor. He was issued an appearance ticket.

Sept. 14

10:35 a.m. William A. Sturgis, 66, of Shushan, was arrested in Greenwich for unlawfully growing cannabis, a class A misdemeanor. He was issued an appearance ticket.

1:15 p.m. Angelique M. McFarren, 38, of Hartford, was arrested in Hartford for unlawfully growing cannabis, a class A misdemeanor. She was issued an appearance ticket.

Sept. 16

12:04 a.m. Michelle R. Maffetone, 35, of Saratoga Springs, was arrested in Hudson Falls for criminal possession of a controlled substance in the fourth degree, specifically stimulants, a class C felony. She was held pending investigation.

6:28 p.m. William E. Stafford, 29, of Whitehall, was arrested for unlawfully growing cannabis, a class A misdemeanor, He was issued an appearance ticket.

Sept. 17

12:15 a.m. Joseph F. Fusco, 27, of Fort Ann, was arrested for driving while intoxicated, first offense, and operating a motor vehicle while impaired by drugs, first offense, both class U misdemeanors. He also was charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance in the seventh degree, a class A misdemeanor, and was issued an appearance ticket.

Sept. 18

11 a.m. Jill A. Wade, 50, of Granville, was arrested in connection with a domestic dispute, specifically criminal mischief in the fourth degree, a class A misdemeanor. She was being held.

Sept. 19

7 p.m. Jeffrey L. Weaver, 47, of Shushan, was arrested for unlawfully growing cannabis, a class A misdemeanor. He was issued an appearance ticket.

7:19 p.m. Amanda M. Sawka, 41, of South Glens Falls, and Bradley J. Johnson, 24, of Lake George, were arrested in Fort Edward for criminal possession of a controlled substance in the seventh degree and criminal use of drug paraphernalia in the second degree, both class A misdemeanors. Both were issued appearance tickets.

7:35 p.m. Ernest B. Weir, 40, of Argyle, was arrested for unlawfully growing cannabis, a class A misdemeanor. He was issued an appearance ticket.

Sept. 20

2:11 a.m. Lisa M. Hudson 44, of Salem, was arrested for simple assault, specifically recklessly causing physical injury, a class A misdemeanor. She was issued an appearance ticket.

4:35 a.m. Phillip M. Ricketts, 23, of Granville, was arrested for a domestic dispute and charged with assault in the third degree, a class A misdemeanor. He was being held.

Vermont State Police

Sept. 11

1 p.m. State Police stopped Misti Baker, 40, of Rutland on U.S. Route 7 in Pittsford on suspicion of driving with a criminally suspended license. She is cited to appear at the Rutland County Court on Nov. 30.

3:39 p.m. Taylor Woodward, 26, of Brandon, crashed on Route 7 in Leicester. He was cited on suspicion of driving with a criminally suspended license. He is to appear at the Addison County Court on Nov. 2.

Sept. 13

State Police were notified by John Ciejko, 62, of Castleton, of a reported burglary that likely occurred sometime during the previous evening at a residence located in Poultney. Forced entry was made or attempted in multiple buildings, and several yard machines such as chainsaws and trimmers were taken as well as miscellaneous hand tools. This case is currently under investigation. Anyone with information regarding this burglary is encouraged to contact Trooper Colburn at the Rutland Barracks at 802-773-9101, or submit a tip anonymously at: http://vsp.vermont.gov/tipsubmit