Pub on Main Street hires new head chef

Pub on Main Street hires new head chef
Owner Vicky Hale poses for the camera behind the bar.

By Austin Crosier

On The Rocks Pub’s new location at 22 Main Street.

After being located across the bridge at 1 West Main Street in Granville since 2016, Vicky Hale moved her family business, On The Rocks Pub, in late July to 22 Main Street and is looking to bolster business on the street.

“We’re just trying to get people to come back to Main Street because everything is down on Quaker Street where Cumbie’s (Cumberland Farms) and all that stuff is,” Hale said. “We’re just trying to attract some attention to Main Street.”

The aesthetically pleasing pub provides a rustic yet modern appeal with a garage door that opens the restaurant to outside seating with tables that have umbrellas for shade and cover.

Hale made it crystal clear her establishment is a family-friendly location open Tuesday through Saturday from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

“It’s me and my kids,” said Hale with a smile.

On The Rocks has always been known for its burgers, beers and liquor, but Hale wants the community to know new head chef Matt Butler has been cooking up some unique dinner specials, including prime rib on the weekends.

“We were known for our burgers when we were down below, and still have the best burgers around,” Hale said. “He (Butler) just joined us here. He takes most of the credit for the dinners and stuff like that because that’s kinda what he brought to the table here.”

The new location has provided new opportunities for Hale, as it is substantially bigger than the West Main Street location.

“The kitchen is a lot bigger and we can seat more people,” she said. “It’s comfortable, we’re visible and we’re pretty consistent.”

Hale’s message to people who haven’t been in yet was simple.

“If you don’t come in and try it, you’re not gonna know,” Hale said. “Step in and see what we got, I don’t think they’ll be disappointed, I’ll put it that way!”

Most importantly, Hale wanted to touch on the fact that she is one of many female business owners in the town of Granville. In a male-dominated society, Hale said, she wants to show that women can be successful to the same extent as men in local businesses.

“Granville needs to take a look at the women that run the small businesses. We’re holding our own and I think that’s important,” Hale said. “We have all been a part in keeping this town alive during all this, as well as others but many females run businesses in this small town.”