‘Car cruise’ to replace car show

‘Car cruise’ to replace car show

By Austin Crosier

The consequences of COVID-19 have forced people of all walks of life to change gears and improvise to not only stay safe, but to keep happy.

For Jenine Macura, a childhood tradition of going to car shows with her father will not be able to happen in Granville this year. In recent years, Macura has assisted in the planning of the annual car show at the end of September.

Macura, along with Mayor Paul Labas and Granville village clerk and treasurer registrar Rick Roberts, have decided to cancel the car show and instead organize a parade of the cars that would have participated in the anticipated car show.

The “Granville Area Autumn Car Cruise” will take place on Saturday Sept. 26 at 11 a.m.

“I have been involved in planning the Chamber (of Commerce) car shows for many years now” Macura said. “My thought was to have something specific to show support for the car show participants to give them a way to just enjoy a ride and see each other’s cars. I discussed the idea with my father, he thought that it would be a great thing for car enthusiasts to show off their cars as most of the local shows had been canceled.”

The parade route was described via phone call from Roberts, as he and Labas will lead the way.

“Starting at Telescope, the cars will go down Church Street and take a right onto Button Falls Road and will travel into Vermont until they take a left onto Route 30 all the way to the Wells Country Store,” Roberts said. “(Cars) will be staying straight and taking the forest route until they reach Otto’s Ice Cream, where they will take a left hand turn onto Combs Point Road, which is a dead end road with a cul de sac at the bottom to turn around.”

The cars will then head south on Route 30 and take a right by Lake St. Catherine Marina and come up over Lake Hill, joining back to Route 30 by the Wells Country Store.

Finally, the cars will take a right at Blossoms Corner onto Route 149, where they will be back on Main Street and finish at Telescope.

Macura explained there will be no prizes for participating drivers and cars, as the true prize is the fact this event is taking place.

“There are no awards or gatherings. Telescope has graciously given permission for everyone to start there,” Macura said. ”Cars can start to line up as of 10:30 a.m. We may need to send a few groups at a time if it is well attended. We want to ensure everyone knows the route and is able to stay together as much as possible.”

Although there is no established end time to the Car Cruise, Macura hopes the local businesses in the village can benefit from the event after the parade concludes.

“My hope is that ending the cruise back in Granville around lunchtime will give our local eateries the opportunity to showcase their businesses and encourage people to stop in for lunch. If this simple event helps to increase that day’s revenue within our community, then I chalk that up as a win.”