Dresden internet delayed

Dresden internet delayed

By Jay Mullen

Residents of Dresden are going to have to wait a little longer than previously thought for high-speed internet.

Town supervisor Paul Ferguson informed the town board of this during their meeting on Sept. 14. They were expecting to have this done in October, but now it appears that it won’t happen until December.

Slic Network Solutions is the provider that will be executing the project, and Ferguson said the process is delayed because of the hurricanes and tropical storms that are currently affecting Florida and other states in the southeast.

Dresden supervisor Paul Ferguson

“Because of the hurricanes they have moved all of their technicians down to help in Florida and where all of the storms have been hitting to get them up and running again,” he said.

During a phone call Ferguson said that being delayed by the storms is a “kick in the butt.”

But the storms aren’t the only thing holding up the process, which Ferguson wanted to have done this time last year.

He was told that Slic needs to get a permit for each pole that they would put a line on. The poles belong to National Grid, and the permit process is done through the state.

“I guess it’s the state as well holding us up,” Ferguson said.

High-speed internet is a necessity in today’s ever-changing climate. COVID-19 has forced many to work from home, and getting this project done will allow some of the people of Dresden to do that.

But students are impacted as well.

Students living in Dresden have had to be shuttled to school to participate in the remote learning process instead of just logging on from home.

“We could use (high-speed internet) right now because of school being what it is,” Ferguson said.

The community is eagerly waiting for this process to come to its completion, and Ferguson said that he is impatient about it as well.

And with more storms potentially on the horizon, Ferguson is keeping his fingers crossed that there will be no more setbacks.

“We have some more storms coming,” he said. “I hope they don’t put us off again.”