Hubbard Hall announces new play development project

Hubbard Hall wants to hear stories about life during the pandemic in an end-of-summer playwriting challenge called “Our Stories: Life During COVID-19.”

This extraordinary time has changed how we live. It’s given many of us time to reflect on what’s truly important in our lives. It’s been a continual mix of intense and intensely boring. It’s an historic time that should be recorded, so we never forget and can share what life was like in 2020 with generations to come.

Hubbard Hall is looking for monologues and scenes relating to life during the global pandemic at six minutes or less in length –approximately six pages of script or less or as short as one page. The writing should be related to the emotional, social and psychological impacts of the pandemic and/or ideas and characters inspired by it.

Introspective monologues, family dramas, calls to action, outpourings of grief and anger and messages of hope are all welcome.

Writers of all backgrounds and levels of experience are welcome to explore their experiences of COVID-19 and social distancing, how they’ve felt during the months of isolation and shut down and their thoughts and concerns about the future.

Writers can create a character that somehow expresses how they feel, with humor or drama, or they can tell a true story about their lives over the past months.

Submissions are due Wednesday, Sept. 30, and should be emailed to Katherine Danforth at [email protected] with the Subject line “Our Stories Submission.”