Cheers & Jeers – ‘The Dog House: UK’ to Major League Baseball

By Damian Holbrook

Cheers to The Dog House: UK for leaving paw prints on our hearts. A love letter to our four-legged best friends, HBO Max’s docuseries about the staff at a British shelter playing matchmaker for abandoned canines and hopeful pet owners is an uplifting, tail-wagging treat that should be pup-ular even with cat people.

Cheers to the New Real Housewives on the block. The Bravo franchise feels fresher and feistier thanks to the inspired additions of Beverly Hills’ no-BS actress Garcelle Beauvais, New York City’s “declasse” designer Leah McSweeney and Potomac’s Ph.D.-toting political analyst Wendy Osefo. Watching what happens when these three are onscreen is a Real thrill.

Jeers to Major League Baseball for striking out all over the place. Just weeks into the 2020 season and the hits keep coming as those COVID-19 outbreaks amid the Miami Marlins and St. Louis Cardinals put sluggers and scheduled games at risk. Someone just needs to call this one.

Jeers to Hulu for pulling the plug on High Fidelity. Not only did the A-plus adaptation of Nick Hornby’s novel starring Zoë Kravitz as broken-hearted record-store owner deserve a second season, but it’s also really out of tunes with the times to axe a critically acclaimed black-led series, don’t ya think?