Ask Matt – Will CBS’s ‘Mom’ end on a high note?

Question: CBS’s Mom has consistently been one of the strongest sitcoms for the past seven years, centering humor with real-life issues of addiction and its impact on family. Going into its eighth season, most of the characters seem to be finally transitioning into relatively more stable lives. Any inside scoop on whether the show will end after this upcoming season on a relatively high note? –Mark

Matt Roush: I’ve received a flurry of pertinent questions about Mom, which happens to be one of my favorite current sitcoms as well. While the eighth season is the second year of a two-season renewal, this is not necessarily going to be the final season, and I hope it isn’t. Mom is hardly running out of gas, and if the stars are willing and the economics make sense, there’s no reason it won’t go on for at least a few more years (hopefully with an end game announced well ahead of time). Even if this is the beginning of the end, I have no information on what’s on the horizon for these characters. But I will say that while the show has always juggled pathos and tragedy among its jokes and comedy, I hope Mom eventually leaves all of its gang of survivors in a good place. Even or maybe especially poor Wendy. I expect they’ll all still endure hard knocks along the way, because that’s the show, but I’d rather look back at it with fondness rather than sadness.

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