Cheers & Jeers – ‘At Home with Amy Sedaris’ and Food Network

By Damian Holbrook

Cheers to At Home with Amy Sedaris for bringing down the house. With guest stars like Paul Rudd (pictured, with Sedaris), Jane Krakowski and Ana Gasteyer, the third season of the truTV comedy was a brilliantly weird mashup of HGTV-type craft shows and surrealist sketch comedy that deserves a statue come Emmy time.

Cheers to The Alienist for mixing history with mystery. Loaded with stellar talent (Daniel Brühl, Dakota Fanning and Luke Evans), real-life figures and gorgeously realized re-creations of 1890s New York, the TNT crime drama’s Angel of Darkness season has us hooked with its eye-opening, stomach-turning look at the birth of modern investigative techniques. It’s CSI: The Earliest Years!

Paul Rudd dances with Amy Sedaris on ‘At Home with Amy Sedaris.’

Jeers to the Food Network for beating up on Bobby Flay. First, there was his Beat Bobby Flay; now this month’s Chopped tournament gives the champ a chance to face off with him in the finale. It’s starting to feel like someone at the network is having too much fun seeing if Flay can stand the heat.

Jeers to the Emmy Voters for earning themselves a spot in the Bad Place by snubbing Kristen Bell. What the fork, people? Bell was the heart and rehabilitated soul of NBC’s The Good Place and her work in the afterlife comedy’s final season was simply divine and worthy of a nomination. You don’t need to be Chidi to figure out this logic.