Morgan Kohan looks for ‘Love on Harbor Island’

By Barb Oates

Morgan Kohan

Lake homes, romance and rescue dogs. We’re all in on Hallmark Channel’s latest original Love on Harbor Island (Saturday). The film stars Morgan Kohan (who fans love from the network’s When Hope Calls). Kohan talked to us from British Columbia’s “stunning” Okanagan Valley, which is just outside of her hometown, where she is currently filming another project she’s extremely excited about. “It’s been amazing to be working again,” she tells. “It feels like magic to be back on a film set.” Here she shares some of the magic and sparks involved in this month’s feel-good film.

Hallmark’s summer original Love on Harbor Island has you playing an interior designer who returns to her hometown. Can you share a little about your character, Lily?

Morgan Kohan: Lily is an independent, very ambitious interior designer and she initially moved to the city to pursue her career. She’s built an entire life there and is working at the top design firm when she hears that her Aunt Maggie [Brenda Matthews, The Last Bridesmaid] has taken a fall. She’s extremely close to her aunt, so as soon as she gets the news, she speeds back to Harbor Island to do what she can to help out!

The title is a spoiler, so we know romance comes into play; tell us about that.

Morgan Kohan: At the start of the film, Lily is in a relationship with a long-term boyfriend, but it quickly becomes apparent that they maybe haven’t quite grown together as a couple over the years as she wishes they had. Eventually they decide they aren’t right for each other. So when she first meets Marcus [Marcus Rosner, UnREAL] on Harbor Island, she isn’t looking for another relationship . . .  and they don’t exactly have the smoothest of introductions, but over the course of the film, of course, sparks start to fly!

When it comes to Hallmark projects for you, is there something we need to know about your characters’ names – Lily/Lillian — is that in your contract?

Morgan Kohan: [Laughs] Nope, but I’m certainly not mad about it. Maybe Lilith will be next!