Ask Matt – Will there really be new episodes to watch this fall?

Question: With the coronavirus epidemic and social distancing, will there be any new TV episodes this fall? –C Brown

Matt Roush: A fair and simply put question, but it’s an impossible one to address simply if at all at this moment in time. There will be a semblance of a fall schedule, but how many returning scripted favorites will be back in business by the traditional premiere weeks of late September and early October remains to be seen. Given the dire current situation across much of the country as we inch toward August, when most productions would be underway, I’d expect we’ll see a significant delay in getting new episodes ready for air on many prime-time shows, as they figure out how to proceed with rigorous safety protocols among other complicating factors.

Question: With Jimmy Kimmel taking the summer off of Jimmy Kimmel Live, do you think it’s real/legit, or he’s just taking 2-3 weeks off? My guess is that it’s ultimately ABC’s decision. Have you heard anything? –AR

Matt Roush: I see no reason to find anything sinister in Jimmy’s summer hiatus. There’s a long tradition – maybe not so much in recent times – of guest hosts filling in for the star, though maybe not quite of this duration, but it’s not really as revolutionary as it might seem.

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