63 to graduate Friday in double ceremony

63 to graduate Friday in double ceremony

By Matthew Saari

After some mulling and reworking, the Granville Central School Class of 2020 will have an in-person graduation Friday.

In fact, they’ll have two.

“I think the compromise we came up with it perfect,” said Granville school superintendent Tom McGurl.

After polling the senior class twice, school officials said the consensus was have an in-person ceremony this month, under current state social distancing restrictions – specifically, graduation ceremonies being capped at 150 people.

To best be able to incorporate every student and their parents, the school will host two ceremonies back-to-back. The first ceremony is scheduled for 6 p.m. at which time the entire Class of 2020 processes. During this time, the guests of students Allen through Ludwig will be in attendance, with the same group of students being the only ones receiving awards and diplomas.

Upon completion of that ceremony, and some downtime for sanitizing the area, the second ceremony will commence at 7:30 p.m.

At this time, the entire class will process again. The guests of the back alphabetical half of the class (M-Z) will now be in attendance, with those students now receiving their diplomas and awards.

“I don’t really think it will be much longer than a regular ceremony,” McGurl said.

The downside, for the students at least, is they’ll have to sit through the speeches of the valedictorian, salutatorian, McGurl and Board of Education president Audrey Hicks twice.

The graduation is being done as such due to the 150 cap on grad ceremonies. With a class size of 63, if every student were to have two guests, the gathering would be in excess of the state-mandated cap. The district’s compromise was thus devised so students wouldn’t have to pick a parent to attend while still adhering to state guidelines, McGurl said.