Village election postponed till September

Village election postponed till September

By Matthew Saari

Village voters will have to wait a bit longer to cast their ballots for Granville trustee.

Officials said this year’s election, originally scheduled for March 18 before being postponed by the COVID-19 pandemic, has been rescheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 15.

But aside from a date, local officials are not entirely sure how the vote will transpire – entirely by absentee ballot like the school vote or if in-person voting will be allowed.

“They haven’t really given guidance on that,” said village clerk Rick Roberts, adding that “the village will conduct the election in accordance with whatever the state and county Board of Elections say.”

Roberts said that although the election has been postponed six months, the ballot must remain the same as when it was originally proposed to voters back in March – meaning no village board candidates can be added nor can any propositions.

The new election date will not impact future village elections, Roberts said. The term of the trustee in September will start that same month, after election results are certified, and will run until March 2023, returning to the March election cycle.

The village election was originally rescheduled for Tuesday, June 23 – the same day as the state primary for this year’s national election.

“The hard part of that is the state primary is the same day,” Roberts said.

Coupled with the fact that, due to social distancing concerns, the Penrhyn Engine & Hose firehouse was selected as the designated polling location for every voting district in Granville, there was the possibility of much confusion between townspeople voting on their ballot and village residents voting on theirs.

Concerns over the resultant confusion led to the village election being postponed further.