Health center to close temporarily

Health center to close temporarily

By PJ Ferguson

The Whitehall Health Center will be temporarily closed, as per an order from parent branch Glens Falls Hospital, effective Tuesday, April 14.

While the closure is temporary, Glens Falls Hospital vice president of hospital and community engagement Ray Agnew would not reveal when the branch plans to reopen.

“Putting a time frame on it wouldn’t be responsible for me to guess,” said Agnew, citing that while the number of positive coronavirus cases are beginning to plateau in New York City, the numbers are rising in the north country.

Agnew confirmed that the closure would extend at least through April.

“We fully intend to bring everyone back,” said Agnew, as the hospital announced on Monday that it would be furloughing 337 employees.

In addition to Whitehall, Glens Falls Hospital is closing its Wilton Health Center as “we looked at patient flow and made it most sense to look at these two particular centers for temporary closure,” said Agnew.

They are encouraging doctors to accept patients via telemedicine and urging those in Whitehall who need to be seen for in-person visits to go to the Granville Health Center.

“The Governor has asked for us to move all services towards being prepared for a surge of patients,” said Agnew, who agreed with the urgency of the request.

The number of cases in Washington County has begun a large upwards trajectory over the past few days as more testing has become available in the area.

As of Monday there have been 39 confirmed positive cases in the county, with 185 people under investigation.