U.S. Marshals arrest parole absconder in Granville

U.S. Marshals arrest parole absconder in Granville

By Matthew Saari

A U.S. Marshals task force was deployed to the Village of Granville Wednesday evening to apprehend a parole absconder.

Granville police received information Wednesday afternoon, Sgt. Ryan Pedone said, which indicated Austin J. Mosher, 22, was living in the village.

Austin J. Mosher

“We received some credible information there was a parole absconder,” said Pedone.

A warrant was issued for Mosher’s arrest in January, he was wanted by the state Department of Corrections and Supervision Parole Division following sentencing for a felony conviction of attempted criminal sale of a weapon last year. Pedone said the charge stems from a December 2017 arrest in Whitehall when Mosher was attempting to sell an illegally obtained revolver.

Police said the information received indicated Mosher was living at a Lincoln Street home. Granville police then began surveilling the property to verify the tip.

“We began to surveil the area to determine if the information was credible,” Pedone said, adding that while police were doing that, they were contacted by the U.S. Marshals regarding the suspect.

“They actually deployed a Marshal Fugitive Task Force team to Granville,” Pedone said, explaining that this unit is an amalgamation of “highly trained” officers from a variety of agencies.

The task force arrived in the village at 6 p.m., Pedone said, at which time a perimeter was established around 16 Lincoln St. and a plan was made for Mosher’s arrest.

“There were uniform and unmarked officers all over the place,” said Pedone.

Upon entering the home, the lead officer deployed a ballistic shield, because the information also indicated Mosher had a shotgun with him, police said.

“Just in case the shotgun did come into play,” Pedone said.

Although Mosher was initially “non-compliant,” officers were able to take him into custody without incident. Pedone noted that a loaded .12-gauge shotgun was found in Mosher’s residence.

As a parole absconder, Mosher was not eligible for arraignment and was instead immediately remanded to Washington County Jail.