Taxes in arrears on old theater, solution sought

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By PJ Ferguson

The old Capitol Theatre building at 15 Saunders Street in Whitehall has been a long-standing topic of discussion for those who remember viewing movies in the 877-seat, one-screen edifice.

Built in the 1910’s, the theatre hasn’t been used for much since its closing in the 70’s.

The most recent news out of the building was in 2010 when Washington County foreclosed on the property and auctioned it off, selling it to Keith Longtin of Longtin Boat Services for $6,100.

However, through a review of property tax records, the Longtins have not paid any taxes on the property since purchasing it in 2010.

“Taxes don’t go unpaid without something being wrong with the building,” said Washington County Real Property Tax Service Director Laura Chadwick, suggesting speaking with the owner for further details on the matter.


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