‘Frugal Pig’ is on a mission

‘Frugal Pig’ is on a mission

By PJ Ferguson

The Frugal Pig is not your average thrift shop.

With a giant sign spread above the inside of the front entrance reading “All profits benefit animals in need,” they are a business with a mission.

The Frugal Pig is located at 260 Broadway in Whitehall.

Founder Gina Covell of Castleton, Vermont, along with store manager, Chris Cardona, opened Frugal Pig: Thrifts, Gifts and Boutique, earlier this month in the old Family Dollar building on 260 Broadway in Whitehall, where there is plenty of room for inventory with 7,500 square feet of space.

With only one paid staff member and eight volunteers, the Frugal Pig aims to keep its overhead low in order to best serve their mission of helping animals in need, whether that’s in the form of paying vet bills or providing resources to pet owners.

Covell runs this undertaking under her non-profit, Spring Hill Rescue, located at 175 Middle Rd,. North Clarendon, Vermont. Founded in 2000 as primarily a horse rescue, the organization has rescued and re-homed more than 1,000 horses but also have expanded to providing services for pets of all sizes.


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