Car Show draws hundreds

Car Show draws hundreds

By Krystle S. Morey

Ward Woodruff remembers Sunday drives as a kid with his father in their family’s ‘67 Dodge Polara. Now, Woodruff has his own 1967 Polara.
The only difference is Woodruff’s is a convertible – his dad’s was a hardtop.
Woodruff, of Fort Edward, found the vehicle listed in an ad on Craigslist. It had been sitting in a barn for years before he purchased it last November.
“It was a typical barn find, with a tarp over it and everything,” he said.

Ward Woodruff poses with his '67 Dodge Polara.
Ward Woodruff poses with his ’67 Dodge Polara.

Once he pulled back the tarp and saw the chrome trim around the wheels and doors still intact, he knew he had to have it.
“I thought, ‘This is what I’m looking for.’ It’s not really an old man’s convertible, it’s got a little sport to it,” he said.
Woodruff showed his vehicle off at the Autumn Leaves Car Show last Sunday. It was his first car show, but it was Granville’s 30th year hosting the annual event.
Spectators and car enthusiasts alike enjoyed the show. Various local businesses had booths set up and there were special raffle items, music and food available.
There were 164 cars on display at the show from several states including New York, Florida and Vermont.Some were old. Others were new. Some were one-of-a-kind.
Woodruff’s vehicle is pretty rare. There are only 882 of the ‘67 convertible Polara 500s, he said.
“I just wanted a big ‘ole convertible,” he said.
Woodruff spent the summer fixing up the vehicle, which is commonly referred to as a “luxury land yacht” by car enthusiasts. He installed new tires and wheels and fixed several parts under the hood.
“It’s hard to find parts for this vehicle. You can’t just buy them like you can for these other cars where you can buy parts right online or out of a catalog,” he said, motioning to the rows of muscle cars beside him.
The jet black paint job paired with the crimson red interior and chrome plating attracts passersby.
“Every time I take it out, people compliment it,” Woodruff said. “Every single time…whether it’s going to the grocery store or over to Stewart’s.”

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