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WATN Naomi 2 WATN NaomiEven in high school Naomi Teitelbaum had an idea where she was headed. “I knew math would have a role in my future.” She wrote in a recent email, “Although I was known to give Mr. (Bernard) Quinlan a hard time, I always felt he challenged me, and math became a passion.
“I pursued a Business Administration degree at SUNY Albany and finished in 3 and a half years. I moved to California a few weeks after graduating and never looked back. I was able to land a job at American Funds in Los Angeles and soon was hooked on the investment business.”
A few years later, Naomi decided to become an assistant municipal bond trader at a west-coast investment firm and soon became head of municipal and government bond trading. “It was tough as a woman ( in the late ‘70‘s)– there were bond information meetings at ‘men only’ clubs in downtown Los Angeles, where women had to enter through a side door and were not allowed to wear pantsuits.” She spent a few years in San Diego working for a start-up trading desk, but soon found herself back in LA, “working for a new independent broker/dealer firm. I spent the next eleven years building their trading department from a two-person group to managing over twelve traders. Starting and then building up departments with growing organizations seemed to suit me.”
She then took a position with TransAmerica managing their trading and operations, and eventually took over the advisory services of the firm. “While there I was traveling to their many offices throughout the country and speaking at various conferences. I became actively involved with financial associations and served as a founding member of the board of directors of the Financial Services Institute.”
While busy at her career, Naomi found time to have a family. “My son Jacob was born in 1986 and my daughter Sheryl in 1988. My childhood watching ice hockey on TV and skating at the Granville rink prompted me to give them skating lessons. My son decided he wanted to pursue ice hockey, so we were busy taking him to practices and games.” Jacob wanted to finish high school at an east coast prep school, “So one summer we went on a prep school tour which allowed us a detour through Granville. It was a quick stop – just a visit with my dear neighbor Jean McDonough and a short drive through town.”
In 2006, Naomi moved to Mankato, Minnesota to co-found a registered investment advisory firm. “It almost felt like being back in Granville. Once again I experienced four real seasons, and the place had a small-town feel, even with a population of 40,000. But five winters were enough, and I moved to Scottsdale, Arizona where I now work from home for a firm located in California.
“Making friends in strange places can be difficult. That is where my love of reading helped out a lot. Although I remember a lot of what I read in high school, Pickwick Papers which I read in Mr. (Michael) Emond’s class stands out. My love of English literature started there. I joined a book club in California and remained a member for eleven years, until I moved to Minnesota. There, I volunteered at the local library and joined two more book groups. I am in the process of starting a reading group here in Scottsdale.
“I also appreciate my exposure to opera and classical music thanks to Grace Scott who helped organize bus trips to the Lake George Opera Company. My mother Sylvia’s involvement with the board of education and the PTA in Granville taught me to advocate for the best in education for my children and for those who might otherwise have no voice. I am an on-line mentor for high school students through the organization icouldbe.org”
Naomi’s son Jacob graduated from Rice University and is an analyst and partner in a firm specializing in mergers and acquisitions in the oil and gas industry. Her daughter Sheryl graduated from Brandeis University and now works for a study abroad company and will be pursuing her MBA next fall.
“ I am looking forward to the day when retirement sounds better than work,” Naomi wrote, “But for now, I am still enjoying what I do.”