Board appeals to community

Board appeals for community members in search

The Granville Board of Education is seeking people to staff committees to take part in the search for the next Granville school district superintendent.

Board President Kathy Nelson said board members have begun looking for residents to volunteer along with school district employees to make up “constituency groups.”

Each of those groups will speak with the finalists during 45-minute sessions during finalists’ week.

Nelson said the board was planning a meeting where it would make decisions about further steps in the selection process.

Without input of the rest of the board, Nelson said, she can only look at what has been done in the past.

“What we’ve done in the past, we’ve had either three or five candidates meet with the different groups,” Nelson said. Although the final decisions on the number and makeup of the committees have yet to be determined, it is expected to parallel the process used when hiring outgoing Superintendent Dan Teplesky. 

Nelson said board members felt it was important residents of the district be involved in the process.

“Well the school is owned by the taxpayers and they have every right to be a part of this process,” Nelson said. “We value their input and we want them to feel ownership of this (selection). After all, he’s their superintendent, too, because this is all about their children.”

Nelson said the only qualifier for being on a committee is being a resident of the Granville school district and being available for the finalists’ week.

The staff and faculty at the school have already begun contacting board secretary Diana Pitts, Nelson said. “We’ve had tons to responses,” she said, and now she would like to see the community do the same.  

Community members interested in being a part of the superintendent search are asked to contact the district office and speak with Pitts.

Pitts said she can be reached at 642-1050, extension 6402, or [email protected]. Residents are asked to provide contact information to allow the board to speak with them. Residents who volunteer for the committees are asked to be available for the entire week to meet with each of the finalists.

Nelson said the process could be extended or delayed if the district doesn’t get enough applicants or can’t find the right candidate for the position. “We’re not going to settle for just anybody,” Nelson said.

Although Nov. 2 is the goal, Nelson said, the date when a new superintendent takes over in Granville depends on how much notice the selected candidate must give their employer.

BOCES interim Superintendent Terry Blanchfield will be helping the district with the selection process. Dr. John Stoothoff recently retired from BOCES.

Nelson said she had been told the district had already fielded 25 inquires and received four completed applications for the position at this point.

Blanchfield told her that number was good, Nelson said, but the board should expect the majority of the applications to arrive after candidates have wrapped up the school year at their current positions.

“We’re expecting a flurry of activity around the deadline,” Nelson said. “We’re anticipating several more (applications) we know they’re busy right now.” 

The district is currently continuing to advertise the open position throughout the region and the state. The board will continue to accept resumes and applications until July 10.

Following the July 10 deadline Blanchfield and his secretary will review the applicants’ paperwork to ensure they are qualified to be considered for the position.

The next step, from July 13 to July 24, will involve screening the acceptable applications by the board and the interim superintendent, along with the Blanchfield.

Candidates for the first round of interviews will be developed from that process.

Nelson said from the first round of interviews, conducted by the board and the BOCES superintendent, approximately eight to 10 candidates will be identified to advance to the second round of interviews. From the second round the finalists will be identified, but those numbers could change, she said.

The key period in the process for the public will be Aug. 6-13 – finalists’ week. Members will be needed for the constituency groups such as Civil Service Employees Association (CSEA) support staffers, high school teachers, elementary teachers and parents and community residents who will meet with each candidate for approximately 45 minutes.

“It should involve one afternoon and the candidates rotate from group to group answering questions,” she said.

Later in the day each candidate will present what is being called an “entry plan” at a meeting open to the public. The entry plan would detail what the candidate plans to do during transition into the position, if chosen.

The board hopes to name a new superintendent as early as mid-August or September and have the appointed person taking over duties in the school district on Nov. 2.

Any delays in the process could mean an extension of Dr. Gregory Aidala’s interim superintendent contract as his final day has been designated as Nov. 2. Nelson said the tentative schedule is a goal the board hopes to be able to adhere to. 



A finalist’s day at Granville. 

8:30 a.m. – tours with interim superintendent

11:30 a.m. – luncheon with school representatives, interim superintendent, administrators

2 p.m.  – meeting with CSEA support staffers

3 p.m.  – meeting with high school teachers

4 p.m.  – meeting with elementary teachers

5 p.m.  – meeting with parents and community residents

6 p.m.  – dinner with board

7:30 p.m. – discussion of entry plan, open to the public

8:30 p.m. –   finalist’s meeting with board

9:30 p.m. –  board reviews the day